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B11 are specialists in school improvement

We can offer consultancy, bespoke offers and training for all areas of your school...

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At B11 we are passionate about achieving high quality education for all. Our mission is to work in partnership with schools, teachers and governors to help build their capacity and improve the outcomes for children and learners across the UK and beyond. With innovation and quality at the forefront of our objectives we can create the best solution for your needs.

What makes B11 better than the rest?

  • A highly skilled, experienced and motivated team of consultants
  • A wealth of senior management experience in education such as headteachers, local authority school improvement officers and Ofsted inspectors
  • We offer a wide range of in-school training programmes and consultancy service
  • Excellent reputation and testimonials, and great word of mouth recommendation
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Proven track record of successful school improvement advice and training

‘ Insightful, powerful and highly accurate training! B11 Education challenges and inspires you to improve; truly building our capacity and securing our outstanding grade by Ofsted’
Martyn Oliver, Executive Principal, Outwood Grange Academy

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