Dear head teacher,

How do you ensure that the children in your charge enjoy the thrill of developing sporting skills, while learning how to keep fit and healthy, all in a safe environment?

The answer is simple: COMPASS

We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting best practice in the coaching of sport, physical activity and health in schools and the community.

It is our mission to ensure that the highest standards are met, whether it is in the training of suitable staff, the devising of training programmes or the setting up and administration of safety protocols.

We do this by creating, implementing and administering quality benchmarking qualifications, Licensing & Career (CPD) frameworks with key stakeholders and our business leaders.

We all know that fostering a love of sport and physical activity is important in tackling obesity and other health problems, developing social and team skills, and engendering a sense of self-worth.

COMPASS helps you to achieve these aims in the context of peace of mind and quality assurance.

Ensure your sports provider meets Minimum Standards for Deployment:

Standards to expect from your provider... Suggested course of action
Minimum Standards for Deployment (MSD) File evidence
Recognised National Governing Body (NGB)
Level 2 Coaching Certificate
File evidence & ensure renewal of
each coach
Safeguarding and Protecting Children Certificate File evidence & ensure renewal of
each coach
Enhanced DBS (CRB) Clearance File evidence & ensure renewal of
each coach
Emergency First Aid Certification File evidence & ensure renewal of
each coach
Full Insurance Policy Check small print & ensure renewal
Public Liability - £5 Million minimum
Don't accept less
Product Liability - £5 million Don't accept less
Employers Liability - £10 million Don't accept less
Professional Indemnity - £5 million Don't accept less
(many policies don't include this!)
Coaches suitably qualified in the sports they teach File evidence
Annually Assessed Ask for evidence
Knowledge of the national curriculum Ask for evidence
Experience working with children Ask for evidence

COMPASS members are quality checked in all of these areas. Look for the COMPASS logo, our ‘Quality Assurance Seal’ when choosing your next sports or activity course.


Frances Bradshaw, Head at Whitehill Junior School, Hertfordshire says:

“Working with a COMPASS qualified sport provider gives us peace of mind that our children are in safe hands and that the coaching is quality assured and relevant to the age group which is being taught. The school has been working for 10 years with the same sport provider and we are confident that together we are producing enthusiastic, healthy children who leave with a positive attitude towards PE in school."

Jonathan Pattern, Head of PE at Spinfield School, Marlow says:

"The COMPASS membership programme is a great idea for schools like us to know that the providers we work with are automatically meeting the high standards set by COMPASS and it also makes choosing the organisations to work with a lot easier.  It's incredibly reassuring to know that along with the COMPASS badge, you are getting that ever important guarantee of good practice."

COMPASS are so committed to ensuring the highest standards are met in schools’ sport, that they would like to offer a COMPASS Certificate to all schools, already partnering with a COMPASS members’ sport provider. All you need to do to claim your certificate, is to contact a member of our team at [email protected]

Whoever you choose as an external provider to deliver your school sport - please ensure they are members of COMPASS. For more on how COMPASS can help you and your school, visit