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Fit-Trition - A Healthy Lifestyle for Teachers and Parents

Working in collaboration with local schools, Fit-Trition offers busy parents everything from fitness classes following the school drop-off, to nutritional advice and motivational facts, as well as fitness sessions within the community.

Fit-Trition works simply and seamlessly with families by providing the tools to ensure the wheels of family life run smoothly, whilst maintaining convenient, healthy and active lifestyles.

Fit-Trition classes offer familiar, convenient fitness activities designed for parents and adults, to provide a functional, practical and a convenient opportunity to exercise, underpinned by a whole family approach to nutritional guidance.

Every parent wants a healthy lifestyle for their family, and every school would like to support them with a whole school approach. That’s where Fit-Trition can help.

Promoting a whole school approach...

What’s the benefit?

Healthier, happier, more active parents means heathier homes and healthier, happier children, with less absence due to illness. By getting involved with Fit-Trition, parents are more likely to engage with the school on other fronts.

How does it work?

By hosting Fit-Trition events you’ll be promoting a WHOLE SCHOOL APPROACH to healthy, active living. Run by qualified Fit-Trition instructors, classes fit around parents’ daily routines, assisting weight loss, improved body posture & muscle tone – all in a friendly, non-competitive, supportive and familiar environment. Parents will also receive practical and easy nutritional advice to keep the whole family healthy.

Fit-Trition for Teachers
Why not set a shining example with your school staff...

Due to the nature of the exercise sessions and the location, it provides the perfect opportunity for the staff within YOUR school to have their own group training sessions, specifically for teachers. This really does provide the opportunity for schools to promote THE WHOLE SCHOOL APPROACH to health and wellbeing, with the teachers leading the way and setting a shining example to the pupils and parents, that their school is a healthy place to be.

Timings are flexible to meet your needs, allowing time for marking and lesson preparation for the next day, and parents and pupils have left the school grounds.

What’s the benefit?

Making a lifestyle change, interacting with like-minded people who share a passion for self-improvement in a safe, fun and social environment.

  • Improve muscle tone (not building muscle but having improved body posture)
  • Improved body composition (lowering percentage body fat).
  • Provide parents with simple nutritional guidance to improve their own wellbeing and more importantly their family. Allowing for a whole life approach to health and fitness, at home and in school.
  • Practical, useable, convenient nutritional advice for the whole family.
  • Top tips for helping make small, long-lasting changes that will have a big impact on the adults and their families.

How does it work?

The two training systems are:

  • HiPER (High Intensity Power Exercise Routine)
  • Back To Basics

The systems are individually different but based around the same principles. The timings and overloading of the exercises in each session, allow for maximum impact in a shortened period of time. Both workouts are designed using high intensity interval training methods. This simply means working hard for short periods of time, then taking a short rest before going back to the high intensity exercise. The exercises are stacked up against each other creating an overload effect, maximising the impact of the session over a shortened period of time.


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