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6 months on... Time to complete your 2nd Golden Mile ‘Base Line Measurement’

Following the completion of the first Golden Mile ‘Base Line Measurement’ back in March, we would love the opportunity to receive the data again and provide a comparison for your school. This is obviously a great way to monitor progression and this information will be invaluable providing you with an overview of all your pupil’s fitness levels now that you have been using the Golden Mile for 7 months. We will provide you with the complete comparisons report for you to use as you wish. This will also be excellent data capture for your Ofsted reports regarding the sports premium funding which we will compile on your behalf once we receive them from you.

Once you have collected BLM report sheets for ALL classes, please post them no later than Friday 21st November to; Premier Education Group, Old Apple Store, Church Road, Shropham, Norfolk, NR17 1EJ. We will then compile a report on your behalf and forward on to you.

Please download and print the NEW BLM record sheet.

NEW BLM Record Sheet

Base Line Measurement Refresher

Remember: School staff can simply complete the BLM within their PE warm ups, it only takes a few minutes to complete for each class!

Please see some key reminders below;

  • The lap length can be any size
  • KS1 duration is 3mins, KS2 duration is 4 mins
  • Split the class in to 2 groups
  • Mark out the lap length using the same coloured cones
  • Every 5 metres use a different coloured cone so you can also accurately calculate the distance in metres
  • The facilitator will monitor and record an ‘N’ if the child slows to a walk or stops completely
  • A child doesn’t need to sit out if they stop or walk they can restart again until completion
  • The non-active partners have to count and remember how many laps the active child completes
  • At the end of the BLM the active child freezes and stands on the nearest 5m cone
  • The non-active partner can then record how many laps and 5 metre cones they have reached e.g. 10 laps 2 cones
  • Once this has been recorded the total laps and total distance in metres can be calculated for every child
  • Excluding ‘GM Miles completed’ please complete ALL sections of the BLM record sheet relevant to the key stage carefully

Survey Monkey

We would love to hear some feedback from your pupils.

Please select a few pupils to complete The Golden Mile online survey and submit.

If you have any queries regarding the delivery of the measurements or survey please contact me directly on the details below.

Click here for The Golden Mile online survey.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries or if you want to know more about our programmes.

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