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Friday 18th May 2018

Welcome to your Weekly Roundup featuring articles from across Premier.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

The School Improvement CQI survey!!
It’s that time of year again to roll out one of our biggest USPs

Be recognised and demonstrate how you are delivering on promise of quality to your schools through our National ‘Continual Quality Improvement’ Survey

We want more schools involved this year, more positive feedback and more marketing of the back of it to demonstrate how AMAZING you guys are and the impact you are having in the local community!!!

This survey is to help YOU! You need customer feedback to commit to continual improvement. You cannot retain customers and sell if you don’t know how they feel. The feedback will help you to remain above the line, nurturing strong relationships through excellent communications and is an aid to working smarter not harder.

How can you do this?

We have provided you with some email templates to help you communicate to your schools but remember the personal touch always helps!

Download Email Templates

What’s in it for you?

  • We know that referrals are the most successful sales strategy so having an infographic of what your schools say about you is invaluable
  • All franchisees with 10 responses or a response rate of over 25% of active of schools in their territory will receive a FREE localised infographic off the back of the results
  • The National CQI survey will form part of the Business of the Year Awards criteria
  • Alongside their custom infographic you will receive step by step guidance on how to effectively market locally. Pushing this over social media as well as in meetings and correspondence with current, and potential new schools, will not only prove how valuable your provision is but will help build new business
  • The website is being developed – the best recommendation will be displayed which will add recognition and credibility to your business

Get your APs involved...

Your Activity professionals are in schools on a day to day basis, they can get in front of your teachers to obtain this feedback – encourage them to help!!

The AP with the highest response rate and most positive feedback will be recognised at our AP NTEs so encourage your employees to go that extra mile. We will also be offering a prize for the best recommendation!

This feedback provides us with content to demonstrate our success which adds value to our offering and can be a useful sales tool for each of you in your local area


Take the Survey

Premier partner with Sainsburys on Exclusive ‘Active Kids’ Summer holiday programme!

We are delighted to inform you that we have secured a partnership with Sainsbury’s and UKactive to EXCLUSIVELY deliver a pilot summer holiday scheme. For the past 12 months we have been working hard behind the scenes on your behalf under a signed NDA.

Sainsbury’s and UKactive have recognised Premier as the Best delivery partner thanks to our stringent CQI process and meeting UKactives code of practice.

This summer will see 25 pilot events across the UK delivered by Premier franchisees who hold all three licences (Premier Sport, Arts and Wellbeing) and is worth a guaranteed £10,800 plus vat for each venue for the franchisees. Sainsbury’s have specifically requested all three delivery brands and stated that’s what has set us aside from competitors along with our national reputation for quality.

What does this mean for you?

If this year’s pilot is a success, then Sainsbury’s are looking to scale this up to potentially 450 venues across the UK where our franchisees who have all three licences are perfectly placed to become the delivery partner.

This is just another example of our strength in numbers and the impact our shared data, high quality and sheer volume is having nationally.

What do you need to do?

Nothing yet! Please see these guidelines from Sainsbury’s regarding the programme and do’s & don’ts. The main thing is that franchisees are not allowed to communicate this via social media etc whilst Sainsbury’s thoroughly test their own marketing strategies. However, If you don’t yet have the performing arts and wellbeing licences and wish to be considered for any future partnership work get touch now!!

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