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Growth Mindset

Whilst there are tremendous opportunities out there for Sport providers in schools, there is also a massive mainly 'untapped' market that we are missing out on - yet could so easily become the market leaders in!

Premier Sport doesn't currently operate a nationally recognised dance offer. Whilst it has been included as part of a PS offer for 14 years, we have failed to capitalise on this opportunity and undoubtedly, someone soon will.

In a worst case scenario, it is a competitor who could capitalise and infringe on our Sport business as well.

Premier Performing Arts is totally different to anything we have EVER offered at PS, with three 'income streams' of which only one is very loosely offered at PS currently.

It is a structured learning plan with the best resources we have ever produced to support it. It really is a 'business in a box', meaning non-operator licensees can easily benefit from this remarkable opportunity.

Dance will not be included in Premier Sports' portfolio of services from 1st Jan 2014

Innovative Product

Training (click here for PPA prospectus)

PPA trains your staff with recognised qualifications and supply specific CPD for the products we offer.

We include Marketing, Recruitment, Sales and BMS training so that your Operator is able to run the business easily and simply for you.

Resources (click here for sample)

A booklet for each child, including stickers, routines and parent information about all the other great activities we offer.

Coach handbook and scheme of work accompanies this and ensures great learning is achieved, WHOEVER the instructor!

Music (click to listen)

Beats, Circus and The Desert are just some of the 200 bespoke tracks designed around the pupil learning resource which compliment and support each step of the programme.

Saving your coaches time as they access relevant and suitable music.


Dance is an expanding market in schools, with every high school required to deliver dance within their curriculum (with immediate effect.) It is already embedded into the primary school curriculum as a compulsory subject and it is the SECOND most procured service within primary schools across the UK.

Dance has broader opportunities now than ever before with more boys participating thanks to the likes of TV talent competitions and it is already the second most popular Physical Activity amongst young people, according to Youth Dance England.

Without effective and bespoke marketing and an offer like nothing else in the market place, YOU have already proved that dance is popular - imagine if all of it was made easy!!

Business Growth Mindset

As an easy staff retention tool and to leverage your time and income, entering into business WITH one of your existing (or another), dance coach is an excellent way to develop this business alongside your PS franchise.

Staff will be rewarded, driven and focussed on generating income for you instead of simply being where you tell them to be. They will drive your income and open opportunities in schools where you currently have none.

Up-selling the dance offer is easy to achieve thanks to the fantastic resources and schools will feel more comfortable spending their PESS premium on 'multiple'; providers - even ones you've introduced to them!

This is a perfect opportunity to LEAD a business, rather than manage one and you can concentrate on the strategy and impact without having to work in it daily.

The Offer Your Offer
£5k to purchase license NO FEE if signed by June 30th
£2,400 yr in advance Spread over 12 months @ £200 p/m
£3,600 yr 2 Spread over 12 months at £300 p/m
£4,800 yr 3 Spread over 12 months at £400 p/m
End of 12 months pay £3k, £4k, £5k
To register your interest and for more information, email fworthington@premiersport.org or call 07769 175462

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