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Inspiring healthy changes on the lives of children, parents and the wider community.

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...to the first Premier Transition newsletter of the year. In the coming months you’ll be receiving more details about Play-Trition, an exciting new health and wellbeing programme for Early Years Providers and Children’s Centres.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter and continue to enjoy the next editions throughout the year!

Three quarters of the UK’s children don’t even do one hour’s exercise a day...

Nearly a third of children between the age of 2 and 15 are classed as overweight or obese, this is higher than ever before. Reducing obesity levels will save many lives as obesity makes you twice as likely to die prematurely; not only will this make people live longer but it will also let them live a fuller life as obese people are also more likely to suffer from mental conditions such as depression.

As well as decreasing the quality of an individual’s life and increasing the chance of premature death, obesity also costs the country a fortune. In 2014/15 it was estimated that the NHS spent a staggering £5.1 billion on overweight and obesity-related-illness; this is more than the country does on the police, fire service and judicial system combined.

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You can beat child obesity epidemic! Introducing Premier Transition

Here at Premier Transition we aim to inspire healthy changes that positively impact children, parents, teachers and the wider community.

Our bespoke fitness sessions test and motivate, allowing for different levels of success while providing an increased sense of achievement and satisfaction. Our beliefs are an important part of Premier Transition, and part of those beliefs are that children should not only learn and develop their health and well-being, but they should also have fun and enjoy themselves in the process.

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What is Play-Trition?

Play-Trition gives parents opportunities to engage in a variety of nutrition and physical activity sessions to support their understanding of how they and their families can lead healthier lifestyles. All sessions give families practical, fun and money-saving tips on how to achieve this.

How does Play-Trition benefit my centre and improve outcomes for families?

The programme has been written to support the Children’s Centre Ofsted criteria as well as the key performance health related indicators. Each session gives families practical ideas for lifestyle changes that are free or low cost.

An exciting new Health and Wellbeing programme for Early Years providers.

Play-Trition is a play-based learning resource developed around the principles of the EYFS, supporting young children to begin to understand and make healthy lifestyle choices. 2 x 6 week programmes based around our Play-Trition characters Joe & Emma, children experience and explore foods, find out where they come from and learn what’s healthy (and what’s not!).They’ll discover how what you eat affects your body.

How does Play-Trition benefit my setting and improve outcomes for children?

It complements the early years’ outcomes in all areas of learning, with a specific focus on the prime areas of Physical development and Personal, Social & Emotional development.

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Listen To the Experts

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to Early Years specialist Emma Perry explain the benefits of Premier Transition for nurseries and children's centres by clicking the image below.

“This was a great project that highlighted how much children actually enjoy being healthy when they have the opportunity. We very much valued the programme and thought it very worthwhile and topical.”

Teacher | Moorhead Academy

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