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Thank you for taking the time to read our emails over the few weeks. I hope to have provided you with some information which will help you make some informed choices on your career options.

I thought now would be a good time to re-cap on what you know so far. There is also the chance to watch a video which sums up why you should consider the Premier Education Group...

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The market leaders

We are the UK's largest activity company, delivering over 20,000 PE, physical activity and Dance lessons each month to over 2,000 schools. We have been providing sustainable solutions that meet the needs of schools PE, sport and physical activity since 1999, using proven systems, processes and controls that ensure pupils receive the greatest impact and highest level of care available.

With more than six million hours of participation each year, children benefit from the excellent provision of our 700+ activity professionals already deployed in schools across the UK.

The Inspire Programme Inspire a generation

The Inspire Programme provides children, schools & parents with a perfect programme to get active and stay active. Inspire means that sporty and non-sporty children benefit from the excellent provision delivered by one of our 700+ activity professionals, giving more young people the chance to be and stay active.

The Inspire to Achieve proposition is the key Stage 1 & 2 programme and has four pillars which differentiate and enhance learning and they are:

• START Active – These sessions are stimulating and prepares the child for the day ahead.
• STAY Active – Lunch times sessions using structured activities and introducing children to multiple skills.
• PLAY Active – Encouraging non –sporty children to get active through fun based physical activity sessions.
• SPORT Active – Sessions which introduce specific skills, techniques and rules of a wide selections of sports and activities.

The Inspire programme brings physical activity into each level of the curriculum, from pre-school and foundation right through to adult and community sport.

Has there ever been a better time?

The Governments new School Sport Premium fund is worth £150 million per annum as has been guaranteed until 2020. It will see funds go directly into the hands of primary school head teachers (approx £9000 for every school), for them to invest into sport and physical activity. In a move that shows the Government's commitment, the fund is ring-fenced and can only be used on sport and physical activity.

The Golden Mile – Measuring success and achievement

The Golden Mile Access is the key word as The Golden Mile gives you the opportunity to gain access into schools. It is unique in the marketplace; no other provider will have such a strong differentiator to win business.

Let me explain how it works...

For pupils – They can hop, skip, run and walk, their target is achieving 50 miles over an academic year. Along the way they are being active, having fun, celebrating success and most importantly introducing non sporty children to the benefits of being active.

A school's view – The Golden Mile provides an all inclusive cost effective activity programme. The online platform provides baseline measurements and impact measurement. This is a prerequisite of the Government’s Premium Sport Funding.

Your point of view – Rapidly expands your business by giving you the opportunity to engage with schools, community stakeholders and education professionals not only on a one to one basis but as a cluster, by offering community sports funding through The Golden Mile.

Premier Performing Arts

The Golden Mile The proposition includes bespoke curriculum programmes, extra-curricular, holiday clubs, elite academy programmes. Whether you are an existing dance professional looking to maximise your day time and gain access into schools or you have the foresight and drive to run Premier Performing Arts alongside Premier Sport.

The opportunity provides you with a compelling proposition allowing you to be in the enviable position of being the complete children activity provider.

Premier Performing Arts offers year round support to compliment schools existing curriculum and specialist activity.

To help you accelerate business growth, we now offer three fantastic business opportunities. We are confident that there is a business package to suit you and your desires and aspirations. Investment opportunities to suit your ambition...

Our investment opportunities

Premier Sport + Golden Mile

The established Premier Sport franchise model which includes the Golden Mile – a product which differentiates your business development strategy from that of your competitors. The proven combination of Premier Sport and the Golden Mile offers a clear solution to not just building a relationship with a single school, but the ability to create impact with a cluster of schools, communities and stake holders.

Premier Platinum

The ultimate package combining the Premier Sport franchise, Golden Mile and Premier Performing Arts license.

Combining the market leading Premier Sport, access to rapid growth through The Golden Mile and Premier Performing Arts offer, all adds up to being the complete activity provider in your local area.
Premier Platinum is designed for individuals with a growth mindset who wish to have the best of all worlds. Managing a team who inspire children through PE, physical activity, dance, drama and music activities, whilst creating a fast growth business with high volumes.

Premier Performing Arts

Premier Performing Arts is an exclusive license opportunity combining a wealth of resources and USP’s and the proven Premier business model. This opportunity is ideal for talented dance professionals looking to gain access into primary and secondary schools, or if you are simply passionate about the arts and want to build a business doing what you love.

Go discover
Find out more about our exciting opportunities at a discovery day.

Our Discovery Days are very much a two-way process enabling both parties to gain a greater insight into the dynamics of a possible future business relationship.

During the meeting you can expect to establish an enhanced understanding of:

• The business model and marketplace
• The business performance of the existing network
• A day in the life of a Premier Sport franchise owner
• A day in the life of a Performing Arts licensee
• Introduction to Premier Performing Arts
• How the Golden Mile can accelerate your business growth
• The skills and competencies required to succeed in the role
• The business packages

We hold Discovery Days regularly in London, Birmingham, Manchester and at our Head Office in Norfolk. I like to keep the numbers between 2 - 6 people. Experience has shown that this group size is small enough to stimulate two-way conversations, but large enough to raise interesting questions which you may not necessarily have thought of yourself.

Premier Sport Performing Arts The Golden Mile

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