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To {insert parent and child’s name}

We really hope that you had as much fun as we did at your first session. It was brilliant to meet you ahead of what is going to be a really great programme.

The aim of week 1 was for your child to enjoy participating and playing with friends. To work alongside and with others collaboratively and to be able to follow routines comfortably. Ahead of week 2 here is some information on what to expect from the Premier Academy as we go through the programme.

As a parent, have a think about the following...

What is it you want your child/ren to get out of sport?

  • Love the game?
  • Lifelong memories?
  • Social bonds of “playing with their mates”?
  • Satisfaction of hard physical work?
  • Winning trophies?
  • Love learning skills and strategies?
  • Develop courage, persistence and empathy?
  • The excitement of competition?
  • “The best they can be”?

Whatever it is the only way this will be achieved is by following a simple progression which is what we are committed to within the Premier Academy. This progression will ensure your child is developed holistically by introducing them to a whole range of sports and activities and not to specialise them into playing one sport at an early age.

We will tell you a bit more about this next week.

Have a great week and see you for session 2.

The Premier Academy Team

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