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To [%parent_firstname%] and [%child_firstname%],

We hope that you are getting used to the communications, the ideas and that your budding super star is enjoying the sessions that they are attending. From the Premier Academy team, we are really enjoying seeing your child progress each week and getting to know them better.

Are you a healthy role model?

This week we want you to think about what kind of role model you are for your child/ren? Do you lead an active life, do you eat and sleep well? We know that it is difficult when we all lead such busy lives but it’s really important that we are all excellent role models to children, to help you we have created some ideas for you at http://premiertransition.co.uk/become-a-healthy-role-model so if you have time take a look.

This week’s words of wisdom about why children should be introduced to a range of sports rather than specialising in one come from 2003 Rugby World Cup winner Neil Back, MBE, have a watch with your child/ren to remind them of the importance of developing their FUNdamental skills.

See you at the next session.

The Premier Academy Team

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