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This week we want to talk about how to ‘Think Well’. Sounds an odd concept at first, doesn’t it? You will have undoubtedly seen lots in the media talking about Mental Wellbeing and what a challenge and cost Mental Health issues are to the NHS. From 2016, there has been an increase in the number of people with mental health problems.

Exercise and physical activity are proven methods to combat mental health issues and raise mood. This is true for everyone so make sure you are taking part in physical activity as a whole family. This includes how you travel, so instead of taking the car or bus can you walk, bike or scoot?

The Children’s Society and New Economics Foundation (2011) adapted the Five Ways to Wellbeing for use with children:

Connect: Enable young people to spend time with friends and family.

Be active: Urge young people to exercise regularly, either on their own or in a team.

Take notice: Encourage awareness of environment and feelings.

Keep learning: Keep young people’s world as large as possible, encouraging their natural curiosity.

Creativity and play: Encourage children’s imagination and creativity as they grow.

Have a good weekend.

The Premier Academy Team

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