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Premier Education Group

Premier has some exciting news to share with you! We are delighted to announce that we are now the Official Delivery Partner in Primary Education, following our new partnership with British Fencing.

Here at Premier we have been providing schools, children and parents with innovative programmes and initiatives for over sixteen years. We deliver over 25,000 events a month, predominately within the primary school sector and each young person entrusted into our care receives the highest quality coaching/instruction available.

This mutually beneficial relationship sees Premier and British Fencing working together to provide more fencing opportunities to children than ever before, getting them active during and after school hours. Recognised by British Fencing as an outstanding educational provider in the UK, we are honoured to be chosen as the official delivery partner of one of the few sports that has featured at every modern Olympic Games since 1986.

Fencing has been steadily growing as a recreational sport – it is estimated that 120,000 people fence each year, with figures set to soar throughout 2017.

“I feel like I can do anything I want, it is me, myself and the mask, it makes me quite confident”

Described as ‘physical chess’, Fencing ensures a full body workout, combined with mental stimulation to improve pupils strategic thinking, attention and decision-making abilities.

Etiquette is important in Fencing and Premier takes pupils through the concepts of honesty, respect and excellence very well.

“I’m excited about fencing because I haven’t tried it before”

Fencing is quickly becoming a high-profile sport. Why not join the revolution and see what fencing can do for your pupils. British Fencing as a National Governing Body have recently had success with using their insight to engage inactive people and one of the reasons for this is that Fencing can inspire and engage those not usually attracted to sport and physical activity. Premiers delivery is around swordplay and plays to the idea of young people’s association with swordplay, whether it be musketeers, knights and princesses, or that infamous sci-fi film.

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