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The popularity of Fencing as a recreational sport has been rapidly growing, with an estimated 120,000 people fencing yearly.

Fencing can inspire and engage those not usually attracted to sport and physical activity. Premier’s delivery is around swordplay and plays to the idea of young people’s association with swordplay, whether it be musketeers, knights and princesses, or that infamous sci-fi film.

“Unlike other sports where it is just about how big your muscles are, it’s more about planning it out. I am better in my mind than with physical strength”

Fencing is an individual sport, the fencer is solely responsible for their success or failure, which becomes a great lesson in responsibility. Your pupils will learn how to win and lose honourably, and provides the foundations for children to reach their potential in many areas other than just fencing.

Fencing enables your pupils to develop socially, physically and academically as it is both a mental and physical challenge. It can be started at any age using foam and plastic swords to make things simple so that fencing is accessible to ALL!

Take a look at this project by British Fencing and Maslaha about the impact it had on young Muslim girl’s journey to empowerment and increasing self confidence.

“It’s something different”

Fencing is the ideal way for your pupils to expel their energy, keeping them focused in class and enabling those who may traditionally be inactive, to become active in an engaging and rewarding environment. Join the fencing revolution with Premier, British Fencing’s Official Delivery Partner in Primary Education.

Did you know...

  • Before electronic scoring, touches were recorded by ink soaked cotton on the tip of weapons – the reason fencers wear white.
  • There are a number of on-guard positions, the first position come from having to remove a sword from its scabbard quickly to defend oneself.
  • Castle battles took place in narrow spaces so Fencing is conducted on a 14m x 2m “strip” or “piste” to replicate combat in confined space.

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