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Friday 26th July 2013

weekly news update


...to this week's franchisee newsletter, following on from the Marketing edition last week. This week features the latest instalment from Skills & Compliance Director, Steve Eastaugh.

If you have any questions about any items featured in this email please contact Steve directly.

Steve Eastaugh - Skills & Compliance Director
E: [email protected] | T: 01953 499043


Changes to the DBS from DDC

As most of you are aware there are some changes happening with the DBS due to legislation changes from Government. Through DDC we are working hard to amend the system and put in place processes to accommodate the changes and ensure we are still providing the right services to you.

There are 4 changes that have come into effect, which are briefly highlighted below. Due to the tight deadlines set by the DBS, most of these are still being worked on and more exact details will follow over the next few days. More information on all these changes can be found at www.gov.uk/dbs.

1. Single Certificate

The DBS are only going to be issuing one Disclosure Certificate and that is to go to the applicant. As of the 17th June no more paper Disclosures will be issued to the Registered Bodies and Umbrella Bodies.

2. Job Roles and the Workforce

The DBS are now asking for extra information about the environment in which an applicant is working whilst applying for an Enhanced Disclosure. DDC may contact you to clarify your applicants responsibilities in respect of whether they are either; working with/near children, and/or working with/near vulnerable adults, or neither.

3. Update Service

As you have probably read the DBS are launching an Update Service for applicants to subscribe to. We are currently looking into how to incorporate this into our process as there are a number of considerations.

4. Filtering of Criminal Records

Following a sudden announcement by the DBS, have from 29 May 2013, been removing specific old and minor offences from criminal record certificates issued from this date. Changes to the legislation were introduced to allow them to do this.

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Babcock Updates

Success Story – Ben Andrews Apprenticeship Programme with Babcock

Rachel Stewart, Vocational Learning Advisor for Babcock wrote in to highlight Ben Andrews's success story whilst on his programme with Babcock;

I have recommended Ben Andrews to be put forward for his commitment and growth in his knowledge. From meeting Ben, he has grown tremendously in confidence and written ability. He shows maturity in his answers to questions and has a lovely demur and rapport with the groups I have seen him teach.

When Ben is working with the children he has an emphasis of teaching as opposed to just coaching a skill, which means the children are learning all the time.

Ben's mentor Danny Bloomfield has already said that Ben has a great future within the sector in light of his success so far in his apprenticeship programme.

For more information around taking on an apprentice or up skilling existing staff through Babcock please contact the team on Freephone: 0800 731 8199 or email: [email protected]

Important information around the AGE grant

We have has some queries through the processing of the AGE grant recently, please see below on information to consider when applying for the grant through Babcock's scheme:

  • Remember to complete the employer form with your franchisee company name not Premier Sport's; We have had some recently where the Skills Funding agency thought the grant was through Premier Sport, meaning that they thought the business was a large employer. We are able to rectify this but it does hold up the payment.
  • Payments are paid at 13 weeks (based on the start date of the apprenticeship) however to reach your bank accounts these can take up to 23 weeks, the reason for this is because the Skills Funding Agency only pay the training providers at the monthly intervals, meaning in some cases payment has been delayed.
  • As an employer you will sign an agreement which commits you to employing the young person until they complete their Apprenticeship programme which is usually for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Employers can receive payment for up to 10 grants. The number of grants you wish to apply for should be detailed at the upfront stage in the Employer Agreement completed with your training provider, this can be amended if circumstances change. Grants can be applied for at different stages throughout (i.e. you can apply for one in July, then another one in September, if funding is available).

If you have any queries relating to the processing of an AGE grant payment please contact your local Babcock Vocational Learning Advisor.

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