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...to be an awesome role model!

Fitter healthier staff → fitter healthier pupil’s → fitter healthier school!

“You are our role model. You teach us new skills, and we love to learn. Planting seeds, making healthy food, and being helpful. Engaging in active tasks with you is awesome!!”

How can you be an AWESOME role model?

Fit-Trition sessions allow you to:

  • Get fit and healthy at a time that suits you - when you are already at the class location!
  • Receive tips on how to keep fit and healthy
  • Improve your own physical and mental well-being
  • Reduce sickness and boost staff moral
  • Become an AWESOME role model!

Being a positive role model and encouraging children to be healthy and active will result in:

  • More engaged children
  • Children with more energy and enthusiasm
  • Children with improved confidence, self-esteem and enhanced mental wellbeing

Fit-Trition is a win-win solution for you and your pupils!

Don’t just take our word for it...

Check out the video below of Fit-Trition from a teacher’s perspective, and find out what it is that everyone loves about us:

We Have the Solution...

Become a healthy role model

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