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...to show them how to grow into healthy, happy adults!

“You are our role model. We know you want us to live healthy and happy lives. Show us how to grow into healthy, happy adults!”

Healthier, happier, teachers = healthier classrooms and healthier, happier children...

...with less absence due to illness. By getting involved with Fit-Trition, you can transfer the nutritional and fitness knowledge you gain, to your pupils, whilst creating a healthy environment for your staff as well as the children!

Fit-Trition sessions are...

  • Familiar, fun & flexible
  • Convenient, functional & practical
  • Safe, sociable & rewarding

Did you know that evidence links physical activity with increased academic achievement due to increased concentration? Being a great role model to your pupils could result in better results for your class - a win, win situation!

The least fit child in a class of thirty tested in 1998, would be amongst the 5 fittest children in a class of thirty tested today... let’s stop this trend – it is time to be a positive role model!

We Have the Solution...

Become a healthy role model

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