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From ‘special measures’
to ‘outstanding’
Head teacher praises Premier Sport

A school in Newcastle Upon Tyne which was placed into ‘special measures’ five years ago has turned a corner after being judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted inspectors.

Throckley Primary School received the ‘Outstanding’ grade across all four Ofsted categories including achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and leadership and management.

In achieving the ‘Outstanding’ rating, Head Teacher Mrs. Julie Stuart heaped special praise on Premier Sport for working alongside her staff to deliver their sport and physical education.

“We are extremely pleased with the way in which Premier Sport has worked with us to allocate the new sport premium funding across the school in order to deliver outstanding curriculum and extracurricular PE through a professional development model.”

“This model has ensured teachers can plan collaboratively each half term with a Premier Sport professional. The combination of the teachers' pedagogical knowledge combined with the specialist coach knowledge creates bespoke and targeted plans to ensure all pupils make outstanding progress in Sport and PE”.

Premier Sport is the UK's largest external provider of PE and sport employing over 600 qualified sports professionals supporting over 2,000 schools each week. Premier Sport's ongoing dedication is to work alongside head teachers to help deliver ‘outstanding’ PE and physical activity.

Not only this, Premier Sport will ensure the new sports premium funding is sustainable over and beyond the three years using their unique and innovative new PE and physical activity programme.

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Want to find out more about our Inspire Programme? Speak to your local Premier Sport, Physical Activity & Sports Co-ordinator...

The Inspire Programme gives children, schools and parents the vehicle they need to get active and stay active.

“Teachers and sport professionals work collaboratively on the delivery of the curriculum PE, with the after school activities enhancing the application of the taught skills as well as preparing pupils for competition. This model has proven to be an excellent approach to staff training and professional development and builds sustainability for future PE delivery. Premier Sport and staff led sessions under this model were both observed by Ofsted in November 2013 and were graded as outstanding. Provision for PE and use of the sport funding was highly praised during the inspection.”

By working with teachers and not ‘replacing’ them, Premier Sport is committed to enriching the provision of PE, physical activity and school sport.

Premier Sport's local Physical Activity & Sports Professional Duncan Donnelly commented on the relationship with Throckley Primary School by saying:

“We started our curricular delivery in September 2013. The first thing that you notice about the school is how vibrant and positive the atmosphere is. We have worked very hard with the senior management and staff at the school to meet their expectations as they demand high standards in all areas of the National Curriculum.”

Speaking about his staff Duncan continued:

“My Premier Sport professionals constantly challenge the pupils to produce high standards by delivering a diverse range of activities. The school were very keen for the children to experience activities which they would not normally take part in such as fencing. I think the key to our success in supporting the school has been good cooperation and communication between the team of coaches, the staff at the school and the pupils.”

Mrs. Julie Stuart expressed her gratitude towards Duncan and his Premier Sport team by saying:

“I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism and management of Premier Sport. They ensure that they work with our school to meet the needs of our pupils and staff. We constantly adapt to improve our ways of working and Duncan (Donnelly) and his team have listened and ensured that they help us to achieve.”

“We are excited about working with them in future to continue to improve our sport offer to the pupils at our school.”

Want to find out more about our Inspire Programme? Speak to your local Premier Sport, Physical Activity & Sports Co-ordinator...

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