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Friday 26th April 2013

weekly news update


...to this week's franchisee newsletter, following on from the Recruitment edition last week. This week features the second instalment from Marketing Director, Luke Miles.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this newsletter please contact:

Luke Miles - Marketing Director
E: [email protected] | T: 01953 499047


National Training Event Proves Timely For Franchisees

The first Premier Sport National Training Event held this month has proved to be a very timely exercise, given the exciting position we find ourselves in following the sport premium announcement.

Central to the NTE programme was the official launch of the Inspire Programme. Conceived and developed over the past 18 months, the products and applications within it will provide franchisees with all they need to go into schools throughout the remaining school year and beyond.

Post NTE, resources and guidance have been provided and are available via the resource section of the website. Plus you are now able to order the new Inspire Brochure from the online store. An example of the brochure can be viewed here.

For any queries regarding the NTE and the Inspire Programme please contact the Marketing Department.

The Future of School Sport Making the Legacy a Reality

Off the back of the Inspire Programme launch, we have been asked to present at a Westminster Briefing on the 8th of May.

We will be presenting alongside the following people from government and industry:

  • John Mitcheson HMI, National Lead for PE, Ofsted
  • Tim Lamb, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance
  • Lee Mason, Chief Executive, County Sports Partnership Network
  • John Shields, Chief Executive, Manchester United Foundation
  • Denise Gladwell, Headteacher, St Breock Primary School
  • David Ellis, Headteacher, York High School, Head of York's School Sports Network

The event also attracts a wide variety of delegates, wanting to know about the future landscape of PE & sport within the UK, these include: 

  • Community Colleges
  • Grammar Schools
  • County Sports Partnerships
  • School Sports Partnerships
  • Leisure and Culture Trusts
  • National Council for School Sport
  • AfPE

This is another example of how we and the private sector is continuing to be listen to and our opinions and expertise sought out as we begin to influence policy at a national level.

Pleasing Feedback from the Network

A big thank you goes out to all franchisees completing the NTE feedback survey last week. As always, feedback (good or bad) from the network is welcome and the recent comments we received will help us to plan and implement future events.


A New Addition to the Team

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to the Premier Sport HQ Team, Rebecca Rose formerly of insurance giant Aviva, will be heading up our corporate responsibility arm of the business.

Rebecca has developed a multitude of CR programmes from localised community and school activities to national programmes involving thousands of employees.

As we continue to grow and develop as an organisation, it’s essential that we are forward thinking and aware of our position on a local and national level.


Premier Performing Arts Brand Launched

Those of you that attended the NTE will have listen to David Batch CEO, launch a brand new offering under our umbrella.

The session focussed on a 'Growth Mindset', and it was encouraging to see so many franchisees approach us afterwards and highlight how they could;

  • improve staff retention
  • improve quality
  • increase opportunities of increasing sport business
  • grow a larger business

By simply working WITH their dance specialists on a business footing, instead of attempting to recruit, manage and cover for them!

The PPA offer is a Business in a Box, and we will be sending a prospectus and example resources to those we feel are ready for this improved opportunity this month.

Those that aren't, will be offered a route into this additional offer by completing tasks which would allow them the opportunity in the next 6 months.

The early birds will catch the worm and will take advantage of special discounts to leverage them into this opportunity in the early stages.

Remember, each applicant will undergo a considered recruitment journey and as a result, bank funding will be available so this will not detract at all from your core business - on the contrary - it will open the possibility of generating more.

If you would like to find out more about this opportunity please email [email protected]

Premier Sport Present the Inspire Programme at Vanguard Dinner

Premier Sport Ambassador Duncan Goodhew will take to the stage and present the Inspire Programme to politicians’ and key industry figures on the 30th April at the Hotel Russell London.

Following the announcement that £150 million will be ring-fenced for primary school sport, Premier Sport have been invited to present the Inspire programme at the Russell Hotel, which will bring together key Government figures, commercial stakeholders and leading Vanguard members that provide a range of physical activity and sport offers to children.


HPA Day Reminder…

We’ve reached a milestone this week as its almost a year to the day since Premier Sport pledged 1000 Health and Physical Activity Days to UK schools, as part of the DoH Responsibility Deal. Thousands of children have taken part in the activity and it continues to be a unique proposition when meeting with schools.

In order that we keep the momentum going, we will continue to promote the HPA days through centralised communication and literature. It is IMPERATIVE that you record all HPA days on the BMS so we can measure participation and impact, which in turn provides a stronger case for your services in schools.

All HPA day resources are available from the Premier Sport website, if you have any queries regarding the process please contact your Franchise Champion.

Bespoke Artwork

A number of franchisees approached me at the NTE with regard to bespoke artwork which we offer. If you would like more information on this and the process of how we can provide this for you please email [email protected]

Ofsted Take a Dim View…

From time to time we get sent competitor literature, the most recent of which was from an organisation claiming to be Ofsted outstanding. They believed they qualified for this as they had provided PE in a school who had been rated outstanding!!!

On further investigation and discussions with Ofsted this is misrepresentation and in breach of Ofsted codes of practice, resulting in them being contacted by Ofsted's legal team. They will have to remove the references to Ofsted on their website and all printed literature.

If you believe a local competitor is in breach of ASA guidelines or misrepresentation please email [email protected]

Premier Sportz… really!!!

A local Birmingham provider calling themselves PREMIER SPORTZ has recently received a letter from our IP lawyers detailing a breach of our intellectual property rights.

Using the name Premier Sportz is considered to be a trade mark infringement and/or passing off, and we are within are rights to obtain an injunction from the court forcing them to abandon the use of the name together with an award of damages and legal cost.

They have until the 8th May to comply and we're confident the situation will be resolved without legal action.

If you believe that a local company are copying the Premier Sport name or logo in any way please email [email protected]

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