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Duncan rules the airwaves...

The first of five national PR campaigns concluded with a staggering reach of over 55million. Premier Ambassador Duncan managed a total of 5 national, 11 regional and 12 local radio and TV appearances across two days of intensive canvassing on behalf of Premier; plus we’re still receiving coverage via printed media. Highlights include landing a spot on the Chris Evans breakfast show (the biggest in the UK) and the Sky News Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes.

The authoritive thought-leadership positioning of the brief really resonated with broadcasters and feedback we’ve had off the back of it has been really positive. In total, the broadcast media generated over £500k of PR value, both locally and nationally which takes our combined PR value to £700,000 for August and September. There have been some learnings from the exercise and these will be implemented in the next campaign which will take place in January. If you would like to get involved in the campaign, please drop us a line and we will make sure any local broadcasters are made aware that you can be contacted.

Although this was coordinated centrally, please don’t underestimate the value that you can put into your business using the local media to highlight and support what you do. You all have amazing stories to tell and people do want to hear them I PROMISE you.

If you missed Duncan promoting Premier you can hear his highlights here.

New content coming your way!

We had a cracking day filming with the Shirley brothers at the back end of the summer holiday. Here’s a brief glimpse of some of the footage you can use to help promote your activities across all social channels.

This video is just part of our wider strategy to provide you with more brand assets to promote you and your business. We have scheduled a day’s filming every month so if you would like us to come to you, please get in touch.

Premier calls time on Chewits partnership...

After eight years of partnering with us on our holiday programmes, Premier and Chewits, by mutual agreement, have decided not to continue the partnership in 2017. The association gained national and local coverage and generated millions of pounds worth of advertising value, equivalent exposure on TV and throughout the press. However, the decision has been made not to continue into 2017.

“Premier is in a very different place now to where it was eight years ago and, despite the investment which supported the development of the company and the value brought through PR and AVE, we felt the time was right to move on.

The Premier Sport holiday programme is going from strength to strength with over a 50% increase in the number of sessions delivered on the previous year. We’re confident it will continue to grow over the next 12months as our increase in territory penetration and the introduction of new territories begins to take a larger slice of the market.

Our wider strategy of more central marketing support for the network will also ensure the great work already being done in the network is taken to a new level.” Comments Group Director, Luke Miles

Although the Chewits contract officially ends on the 31st October, any promotion codes that have been allocated to customers will still be redeemable in line with the advertised T&Cs. At the present time, we have no plans introduce a new partner in 2017 unless they add significant value to the network and align with our Core Values and overall brand positioning.

A cracking start to the new school year...

Back in August, we unveiled plans for the additional support we’re putting into the network over the next two years. Those of you who have taken on that support are already getting ahead of the game.

Through the coordinated partnership with the network and TIME Associates, we’ve had our best start to a new school year with over 160 meetings already set up in September alone. With average school values over £6k, that’s a potential £1million pounds of additional revenue into the network!

Even more good news is you’ve increased the number of active sites by 14% based on the same period as last year and, better yet, we’ve only just scratched the surface. With even more support and activity planned over the coming months, we aim to smash through your original forecasts.

If you’re unsure about the support that is available and how you can access that support, please email [email protected]

Personal Bests continues to get noticed!

The Personal Best programme is continuing to gain interest from government and the powers that be with DoH, DoE, London Sport and the London Mayor’s office all wanting to come and see it in action.

The hope is that we will extend the project currently ongoing with Islington & Camden Public Health and roll it out across additional boroughs in London. Plus, in partnership with ukactive, we will be looking to engage with additional local authorities across the UK.

We will be setting up a specific session at the 2017 NTE to cover the programme and how you support the implementation of it within your franchise.

Cheaper print on the way!

We’re pleased to announce we will have a new print procurement platform in place by the end of the year. The Irongate platform has plenty of beneficial features but in reality, these are not being used and we have made the decision to change to a simpler, cheaper offering for our network.

In simple terms, it means your print and promotion cost will be significantly reduced and much more flexible.

We’re currently going through the stages of moving from Irongate to the new store and will keep you updated on when the changeover will happen. All current stocked items will go on sale from the 7th October to mitigate the impact of moving to the new provider.

New-look department begins to take shape...

In August we announced we were going to be investing even more into the business over the next couple of years. Those of you that have been in touch with the marketing department in the past few weeks may have noticed there has been a few new additions.

In fact, not only is there some new faces in the department, there are also new roles for the existing team as well.

“The marketing department has evolved and developed over the past few years and, with the introduction of new brands and new challenges, we’ve taken the opportunity to invest in some additional personnel to ensure the objectives of the network, departments and business are not only met but exceeded.

The new guys we’ve brought in are a welcome addition and are now beginning to find their feet and have an impact. Plus, the change in roles for the existing team mean the marketing and operations team are now more aligned and working closer together,” comments Luke Miles, Department Director.

So, who’s new and what’s changed?

Fran Rosas - Head of Marketing & Schools Champion

Fran takes on a new role as the overall head of the department and schools champion, which involves every aspect of the marketing mix relating to schools.

Ben Thompson - Franchise Marketing Champion

Ben takes on a new role, responsible for the development of everything relating to franchisees and Activity Professionals, both new and existing. Ben will be working closely with Karl Fox, Phil Gaffer and Steve Eastaugh.

Gemma Howell - Parent Marketing Champion

Gemma’s role is to focus solely on parents and the improvment and development of the customer experience, raising awareness, improving retention and increasing parent spend.

Alex Pye - Senior Designer

Alex continues in his role as our in-house designer, supporting the business centrally and the franchise network.

Todd Pitcher & Philip Denton - Marketing Executives

Todd and Phil are the newest additions to the team and will be supporting the department across all areas of marketing.

Ben Jones - Business Development Executive

Ben is also one of the newbies and has been brought in to support Luke Miles on projects across the business, both at home and abroad.

If you have any questions about the new roles and responsibilities please email [email protected]

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