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June 2013


...to this new monthly newsletter designed to communicate some of the positive stories across the network following your monthly regional meetings. We'll also respond to your questions from the previous meetings.

Please don't underestimate the importance of attending these meetings and the increased knowledge they provide. Networks are really starting to work together as clusters, just like the school network, with some already arranging local internal CPD sessions for coaches and joint recruitment ventures.

If you have any further questions please email [email protected] or contact your regional Champion franchisee.

Positive Feedback...

"Handing out holiday course leaflets at the school gates significantly increases uptake on camps when compared to relying on teachers to distribute."

"All future network meetings should also be linked with core training. Maybe scheduled on same day in where timing / venue appropriate."

"I think it saves time, money and hassle that franchisees across the network are able to order bespoke, compliant holiday leaflets which list the dates and venues specific to their network."

"We have more meetings still to do with plenty more work available. Very positive mood in the camp with The Inspire Programme having been a huge success. STAY ACTIVE clubs seem to have re-invigorated the opportunity."

"This term's holiday clubs have been very successful, with 2 courses being fully booked, 2 new clubs being added to our roster and 1 school booking 7 coaches for a day!"

Network Questions & Responses...

"Could we have more places available on Inspire training at Premier HQ?"


There are still places available to book onto this course. However, places are limited due to the complexity of the training. The maximum permissible number is 24.

Options to book this training exclusively for your networks is something we will be offering in the future. Alternatively, you may also be able to circulate this back to your new coaches via experienced coaches who have attended the training.

"Why have the costs of the new holiday leaflets increased on the shop?"


We have seen ordering of the current generic holiday leaflet diminish over the past six months, meaning our buying power is reduced causing an increase in cost.

The themed leaflets that were created ahead of the summer were a higher price point because they’re not a stocked item. Because they are themed and seasonal we cannot guarantee the network will purchase them, which has proven to be the case.

From September there will be changes to the process and pricing of printed stock which will see the return of lower prices as we attempt to improve our processes and decrease costs.

"The cost of Premier Sport kit has increased. What is the reason for this?"


Our previous fixed prices with our supplier on kit branded apparel ended earlier this year. They were previously held for two years. We are now seeing the effects of price increases on most goods at the front end.

There will be an introduction of some new items to the range such as tracksuit tops which will be an alternative to the current rain jacket, which has been the item increased in price the most.

"Can we have a 'bulk buying' discount to reduce costs?"


Unfortunately there is no room to discount the cost of the kit in a bulk buying scenario. If you had a significant order £1000+ we can discuss a payment plan to support your cash flow, but as we mentioned, we buy at fixed prices as the manufacturer does.

"Can stock levels be reviewed more frequently to ensure no shortages when required?"


Stock levels are monitored weekly and form part of the marketing team's KPI's to ensure that stock is at a reasonable level to service the network. There are occasions where these levels are breached by unusual buying patterns.

If you have a specific issue with an outstanding order please email [email protected]. You can monitor the status of all your orders when logging in online.

"Why are we sending so many emails to existing schools about The Inspire Programme?"


We are not just emailing about The Inspire Programme. In fact just 3 were Inspire focused. The email campaign that we have been running is more about general awareness of the current landscape and what schools should be looking for in a provider.

"Does the telephone booking charge still apply for holiday courses?"


There is still an administration fee charged for telephone bookings, this and the 49p transaction charge are being reviewed in line with new legislation.

"Could a booking form system be piloted for holiday clubs alongside our existing booking methods?"


We have invested heavily this year in developing processes and communication platforms to deliver a lean and efficient customer experience. Numbers of parents booking ECC is also increasing monthly, a return to promoting an inefficient process that statistically parents don’t want isn't something we will be returning to.

"Should we be planning recruitment to meet the demand for more staff in September? Will there be enough time to roll out qualified delivery staff?"


Yes, this should be a key part of your business strategy, as explained in recent recruitment training.

"When will the BMS be updated to include Inspire products?"


The new course matrix and Inspire promotional content is being developed in line with the new bookings system, and will be available in the new school year.

"Can we include our mobile telephone numbers on bespoke holiday leaflets? We would prefer this as it gives them a more personal touch."


This is not permitted as it can confuse customers who may use the services of neighbouring franchisees. The admin system at HQ allows full visibility of what courses are being run and the phones are manned throughout working hours.

It also looks very unprofessional!

"The BBC recently launched own 'Inspire' programme. Can we link into this in anyway to promote Premier Sport?"


We are aware of the BBC's initiative and will be investigating any potential opportunities with them.

"Why don't we undertake baseline assessments of curriculum pupils at the start of each module to assist in reporting the progress/achievement by end of module?"


Resources are available on the Premier Sport website, allowing you to carry out baseline measurements at any stage of the school term.

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