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Friday 2nd May 2014

National Training Event 2014
Day 2 - Breakout Sessions

In this week’s newsletter we look back at the breakout sessions on day 2 of the event delivered by Steve Girling (finance), Andy Heald (recruitment), James Jennison (Pricing), Steve Eastaugh (Business) and Karl Fox, Phil Gaffer and Frankie Worthington (Product & Volume).

G&CYB Finance

Three key ratios

In our Finance session, we looked at how just three key ratios (numbers) can provide you with ‘a window of performance’ into your business. Analysing these tell you which strategies (of the many that are available), you should be focussing on; The three ratios are...

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G&CYB Recruitment

Do you have a recruitment strategy within your business?

Overall the consensus was that there is more to recruitment than just filling gaps and that a consistent and planned approach to recruitment was critical to GROWING & CONTROLLING a successful business.

Collectively, it was agreed that the use of apprentices and CPD is a fantastic opportunity to mould and shape our employees to deliver the high quality and expectations we set.

In turn this will...

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G&CYB Pricing

What Pricing Strategies are YOU using?

It was evident that some franchisees are using these different methods of pricing, but not in a strategic manner. This session highlighted how franchisees can increase volume and turnover by giving more thought to their pricing strategy.

Highlighting different ways to use the various pricing strategies with different products, franchisees came up with some fantastic ideas and fed off one another.

The three strategies we looked at were...

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G&CYB Business

Is work getting in the way of your business?

It was great to catch up with so many of you last week and it was clear many of you share the same issues in,

  1. Being able to set aside enough time to plan within your business.
  2. Focusing on the key operation of your business.
  3. Delegating effectively to allow more time at 1 and 2.

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G&CYB Product & Volume

Karl Fox - The Future of Golden Mile

Evidence shows us that improved performance occurs when integrating Golden Mile into a territory, so a more expensive Premier Sport territory licence will include Golden Mile as a mandatory and key element of it.

‘90% of the top ten Premier Sport franchisees by turnover operate Golden Mile - in contrast 0% out of the bottom 10 franchisees based on turnover are GM licensees’.

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G&CYB Product & Volume

Expand your business through purchasing an additional franchise.

It’s time to start creating wealth for yourself.

It is no surprise that 7 out of the top 16 franchises by turnover are owned by investor franchisees.

These franchisees have had the foresight to expand their businesses by purchasing and successfully operating an additional franchise.

The benefits of this strategy are clear...

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G&CYB Product & Volume

Why Performing Arts is right for your business...

Whether it be to increase your personal income or raise money to invest into future wealth, Performing Arts can be a low cost, high return option for franchisees...

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Implemented a new strategic approach since the NTE?

We want to hear from franchisees that have begun implementing new strategies since the NTE. Even if it’s a minor tweak - we want to know. The smallest of changes can have a massive positive impact on your business.

Please email us and we’ll give you a shout out in the coming weeks.

More images added to Facebook

Thanks for all the new ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on our PEG facebook page. ¬†We have now added a new album containing ever more photos from the event.

NTE Presentations & ‘Inspire to Compete’ brochure

All the presentations from the 2 day event can be viewed here.

The ‘Inspire to Compete’ brochure is available via the BMS in the ‘Inspire Programme (Compete)’ section on the resources page - click here to view.

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