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Friday 12th April 2013

weekly news update


...to this week's franchisee newsletter, following on from the National Training Event special edition last week. This week features the second instalment from Operations Director, Danny Melling.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this newsletter please contact:

Danny Melling - Operations Director
E: [email protected] | T: 07920 008420


Easter Holiday success

The Premier Sport network has generated a 29% increase on the same holiday period last year. The figure was taken earlier this week, so is set to rise further when all courses have been completed.

Those who have delivered and witnessed the increase will be working hard to ensure the children return for the Chewits Sports Courses during whitsun and the summer period – vital to the success of any franchise.

For those who didn't deliver courses during Easter - did your local competitor?

Inspire programme

As you've recently discovered at this week's National Training Event, Premier Sport has launched an exciting and innovative suite of programmes.

The Inspire programme will differentiate you from any of your competitors as it contains targeted products to suit the needs of all sporty and non-sporty children as well as engaging the disengaged. The new programmes are a perfect fit for the new sport premium funding, so it is crucial that you and your staff understand the requirements of the sport premium funding and Ofsted requirements for the next academic year.

The 'Impact' of sporting provision will now be measured as part of these requirements and this programme will help you to do that.

Chewits visits!

Chewits have been visiting a number of sports courses during the Easter period resulting in excellent reports overall.

Unfortunately, we've had one very disappointing visit to a course in the South. Chewits reported the course was advertised using literature which did not comply with either Chewits or Premier Sport brand guidelines.

Not only this, the course promotion was illegal, as it advertised more than two types of activity (the maximum allowed without being Ofsted registered).

This simple error was made because the franchisee 'didn't know'. This causes serious breach of the Franchise Agreement but more seriously leaves them vulnerable to legal action.

Would your Chewits sport course pass an inspection with flying colours?

This visit will no doubt result in an increase in unannounced visits throughout the UK to ensure that this was an isolated incident. Please rest assured this incident will be dealt with internally and your asset / business will be protected by Premier Sport's compliance department to maintain the high quality reputation of the brand.

Another business plan success - franchisee of 10 years re-invigorated

A franchisee operating his 10th year completed a detailed business plan back in 2012 and is already seeing the benefits. The plan is now used to drive the day to day running of the business and some key objectives have been met and a number of others are well on the way to being achieved:

  • Renewed and increased all existing business for next year which equates to a minimum of £14k of additional income. This doesn't include new PE contracts from the new sport premium funding.
  • A target of 10 new clubs before July has already been achieved resulting in an additional £420 a week.
  • Applied price increases to OSHL, encouraging parents to book online (average club numbers improving).
  • Chewits Easter sports courses had over 200 bookings for the first time ever as a result of implementing a pre-planned promotional strategy.
  • Targeting "Pupil premium" funded Chewits sports courses during Whitsun.
  • Cost savings are already in place and new staff contracts have been drawn up which are performance related following a series of staff appraisals.
  • Successfully employed apprenticeships as part of the recruitment process. The franchisee is already looking to expand the number of apprentices within the business.

More recently the franchisee has proactively responded to the communications sent from HQ relating to the new sport premium funding.

The business has implemented an online and offline communications strategy starting Monday which will be supported by Time Associates.

Our marketing department will also be working alongside the franchisee to create press attention celebrating this landmark anniversary.

Summer holiday course planning

Historically April & May is a critical time of year for franchisees., with the main area of focus will be renewing school contracts for the next academic year.

You must also begin planning your marketing strategy for the 6 week summer holidays, giving yourself every opportunity to succeed by planning early and catching organised parents who will book months in advance.

If your courses are not advertised they will book with a competitor.

Welcome new franchisees!

Premier Sport would like to welcome 9 new franchisees following their recent induction at Premier Sport HQ.

Alexandra Whitelaw, Elliott Anderson, Stuart Bartles-Smith, Richard Parker, Samantha McCabe, Ken D'Rosario, Tom Richmond, Adam Clark, Paul Blackhurst as well as Mark Byron and Joe Moon who have invested into an additional area, start at an exciting time with the introduction of ring fenced sport premium funding in Primary schools.

I'm sure you will all make them feel welcome when you meet them at the next regional network meetings. Their arrival helps expand the reach of the Premier Sport brand and increases national awareness of the great work you are doing throughout the UK.

Premier Sport Training Academy | Shropham | NR17 1EJ | 01953 499040 | [email protected]

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