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Dear Headteachers,

Premier Education Group over the last decade has become an integral part of school PE, sport delivery and improvement in over 2000+ schools nationwide. Our collaborative approach with school leaders in partner schools does contribute to sustainable improvement. Engaging with school leaders to create the best opportunities for young people to secure the success of each child’s achievement, forms part of our commitment to the school and its children.

We continue to invest in staff development, programme enrichment and quality assurance to ensure we contribute effectively - supporting every child to be the best they can be and supporting schools in knowing what ‘the best’ looks like for each child.

We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter. If you want more information on our physical education and school sport (PESS) provision, get in touch.

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Sporting Future - A New Strategy for an Active Nation, December 2015 - An Extract

Published by Yvonne Gandy, Director of YMG Education Ltd. Education Consultant Adviser, Premier Education Group

Primary PE and Sport Premium

Since the introduction of the Primary PE and Sport Premium in 2013, teachers have told us that the quality of sporting provision at primary school has improved. The next challenge is securing the legacy of this investment for future generations of pupils. There is a greater emphasis on government expectation that funding should generate sustainable improvements that enhance, rather than maintain, existing provision.

The 2014 NatCen evaluation found that the impact of the Premium fund is strongest when there is strong commitment from the school’s senior leadership team.

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Setting a Pathway for Successful Judgements about a Child’s Learning

Published by Yvonne Gandy, Director of YMG Education Ltd. Education Consultant Adviser, Premier Education Group

We are still waiting for the national standard to be set for physical education and school sport (PESS) - realignment away from levels and towards mastery and revised national standards. Because of the wait, it is a great time to reflect on the importance of PESS and its contribution to each child in a school. What is the significant risk to our children if PESS is not delivered in schools effectively? If children do not experience PESS for sufficient time across each year, what will a child not achieve?

In the past, we have measured what a child can’t do, rather than what they can do, and judgements have been made about the activities (the tools) instead of judging the impact of the collective number of tools on the child and being physically educated.

At Premier Education we have ensured the curriculum has been clearly and appropriately sequenced and this curriculum forms the context for children from point of entry across each of their key stage phases. The CARE model (to view model, click "Read more") underpins learning expectations, whatever the activity, and supports effective planning for learning and development. The model is also used to judge the extent to which children are being successful in lessons and across the year.

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A Golden Invitation to Join Our Road To Rio*...

With the London games over three years ago (seems like yesterday), the 2016 games head to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro this summer.

To celebrate the greatest sporting event on the planet, Premier Sport is offering you the chance to experience your very own ‘Road to Rio’ enrichment activity.

Our Activity Professionals are qualified to deliver a range of sports featuring in Brazil, meaning you can choose the activity each class participates in during the enrichment sessions. Some of our more unique sports on offer are listed below;

Fencing • Archery • Handball • Volleyball • Tri-Golf (golf in the Olympics for the first time next year) • Badminton • Sitting Volleyball (Paralympic sport) • Boccia (Paralympic sport) • Goalball (Paralympic sport)

These activities will provide a great opportunity for your pupils to try something completely new, that they may have only ever seen on TV!

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*In selected areas across the UK only.

Do you Provide Dance, Drama or Music in your School?

You may have always associated us with providing sport in schools but did you know we provide structured curricular time provision through dance, drama and music too?

To help us find out if providing specialist performing arts delivery in your school would be of interest, we would really appreciate if you could complete our very short anonymous survey.

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*Premier Performing Arts operate in selected areas across the UK only.

Schools Portal - New Impact Dashboard Will Save You Time & Resources*

We’re delighted to announce the new, bespoke ‘impact dashboard’ is now available via our unique Schools Portal.

The new dashboard has been two years in the making and measures pupil progress through key impact areas such as attainment, increased participation in extracurricular activity, attendance and popular activities at your school. This data is fully managed by Premier Sport staff and requires no input from your school staff, thus saving you lots of time and resources, allowing you to focus on the ‘outcomes’ and interventions instead!

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*Premier Sport operate in selected areas across the UK only.

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