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Friday 24th January 2014



...to your new weekly update featuring news articles from across the Premier Education Group.

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Chewits holiday courses on the up!

Latest statistics show a 10% increase in average daily revenue compared to same period last year although average spend suggests children are only doing one or two days. How can you incentives staff to ensure parents book for more days and how can you ensure the children want to keep coming back?

Remember - It's 7 times easier to sell to existing customers. Make sure your existing customers become your best sales people!

STAY Active (Lunch time) clubs continue to soar!

Lunch time clubs have grown by a massive 140% since this time last year. How are you ensuring that you measure the impact of these clubs? Have you agreed with the school exactly why they are delivering these clubs and what the expected outcome is? If they are doing it just to spend sport premium then It won’t be sustainable once the funding has gone! There will be lots of crucial impact evidence within every lunch club, you just need to ensure you and your staff are monitoring and recording it. E.g. is it as simple as reducing the number of behaviour incidents? School will have records of this. Make sure you measure and most of all ‘celebrate’ your success!


Louise Elstone

Louise lives in Maidenhead and will be operating in the Maidenhead territory.

Louise joins Premier Sport following her initial enquiry in September 2013. Over a three month period Louise has thoroughly investigated the opportunity and now is confident that she can build a successful business in the region.

Louise has used her sales and especially her strategic marketing experience to plan her Premier Sport Business. It is no surprise that when it came to undertaking her research into the opportunity it was very detailed and completed to a high standard. This is due to the fact that Louise’s last position prior to joining Premier Sport was Head of Marketing at the UK’s largest boot camp fitness brand British Military Fitness. Furthermore Louise has even helped other new starter franchisees with their competitor analysis due diligence.

Prior to her last role Louise has worked at a number of world recognised companies within media sales & marketing sectors including, Eidos, Atari, BBC, Ted Baker and Holmes Place Health Clubs and Esporta Health Clubs.

In addition to her successful career Louise is a qualified group fitness instructor and personal trainer.  Louise can also be found at the weekends in all weather conditions on her bike enjoying the roads and lanes of Berkshire. When you combine all these talents and attributes plus of course a passion for sport you have a winning combination to be successful as a Premier Sport franchise owner

Welcome to Premier Sport Louise.

Next week we will introduce Louise’s neighbour Lawrence Harvey.

Golden Mile Monitor training in Teeside

Last week saw an extremely successful ‘Golden Mile Monitor’ training programme delivered over a two day period in Teeside. Over 120 selected pupil monitors and members of their teaching staff attended.

These monitors will now be using their leadership and communication skills to engage 4000 of their peers in physical activity across the North East.

After providing support for the teachers on facilitating Base Line Measurements as an alternative warm up in their PE lessons, it was apparent that Ofsted’s accountability requirement for the Sports Premium was a major concern and how grateful they were that BLM’s could not only provide an immediate solution for this but also for the first time provide them with statistics for the individuals within their class, enabling their own reports to be more comprehensive.

Karl Fox, Golden Mile Business Manager said:

“After delivering the interactive training first hand with all the benefits to monitors, pupils, staff and schools it just reinforces the value of this training and why licensees/franchisees have a great opportunity to use this as a source of income and charge for BLM’s and monitor training. A fresh alternative to HPA days, with the added bonus of having statistical evidence of fitness levels within the school, which can then be used to leverage and up sell the Inspire bundle within your closure meetings.”

“Competitors will not be delivering such a measurable package that showcases not only practical delivery skills but the facilitation of class room based sessions, which is important for potential sales of PE delivery.”

For example:
£150 for GM Monitor training day and pre Baseline Measurement (20 days =£3k)
£300 for GM Monitor training day and pre & post Baseline Measurement (20 days £6k)

Read full article...

Invitation to the "Mock Civil Trial"

COMPASS has been working with Richard Doubleday and Andrew Fielding from Perkins Slade Insurance to ensure that all COMPASS members have an invitation to this unique opportunity to attend a "Mock Civil Trial" on 27 February at Edgbaston Stadium.

We all understand that policy and legal process has a lot to play in our industry sector especially working with children in school sport and physical activity environments. This trial will serve to show how important it is that we have appropriately qualified staff and that our businesses are fully compliant.

If you would like to attend this event please contact Caroline - [email protected] or Sema - [email protected] as early as possible.

Capre Register

Following the launch of the CAPRE register, nearly 80 Premier Sport coaches have signed up. By August 2015, all Premier Sport coaches will be required to join the register.

CAPRE is the Children’s Activity Professionals Register. A Children’s Activity Professional is someone who delivers physical activity for children and young people in the area of multi-disciplinary games, sports, and physical activity.

All Capre Members:

  • Meet the industry’s nationally recognised qualification standards
  • Are committed to professional development
  • Are bound by a Code of Ethical Conduct.

Capre members are required to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensuring their skills continually meet industry standards (set by SkillsActive).

Speakling about the Capre register, Franchise Champion Ben Pattenden said:

“Our coaching team recognise the importance of regulating the industry and environment we work in. It was great to see such a positive response to Capre from our coaches and we have since ensured all of them are registered. Too many times we come across competitors or other providers that are allowing coaches who are not fit for purpose nor competent to enter a school setting and lead sessions to children. By registering with Capre we can communicate with head teachers and senior leaders of our schools about how Capre can be used to ensure they make the right decision when choosing who can work with the children of their school.”

“Over time we hope that the guidelines will be very clear, that if you are not Capre registered you will not be permitted to work in a school / child related setting. By registering with Capre now we are ensuring that we are again leading the way in our industry of expected standards.”

To register, or if you have any questions, please visit the CAPRE website

Submit your ‘Awards for All’ Golden Mile funding bid

We're delighted to announce a number of successful applications for The Golden Mile community funding bids across the network. We also have a number of application in progress.

Applications are open to licensees and non licensees respectively so please get in touch if you want us to submit a Golden Mile funding bid of your behalf.

For more information and how to apply please download this document.

Did you know?

  • We will write the GM community bid for you and on the school's behalf
  • The funding will pay for year 2 and year 3 of a GM license
  • If you are an existing GM licensee, a successful bid will return your year 2 & 3 investment

Please familiarise yourself with the funding guidance and email us if you require additional information.

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