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Friday 31st January 2014



...to your new weekly update featuring news articles from across the Premier Education Group.

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FREE 3 year GM License with every successful
‘Awards For All’ bid

The Golden Mile is delighted to announce that a successful funding bid will now pay for a FULL 3 YEAR Golden Mile license. As well as that, we'll write the GM community funding bid for you and on the school's behalf.

If you are an existing GM licensee, a successful bid will return your full 3 year investment.

With another years extension of the School Sports Premium, it's important you submit your funding bids straight away. Funding bids will be submitted on a first come first served basis and the deadline for applications this half term is 5pm on Friday 14th February.

For all the information on submitting a funding bid please download this document and read thoroughly before contacting us.

Did you know?

90% of the top 10 franchisees (based on turnover) are GM licensees

0% of the bottom 10 franchisees (based on turnover) are GM licensees

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BREAKING NEWS: COMPASS and its partners respond to recent ‘All-Party Commission on Physical Activity’

The All-Party Commission on Physical Activity was established to address the urgent issue of a physical inactivity epidemic in the UK. The Commission has been taking evidence, both written and oral, to inform recommendations which will be published in Spring 2014.

Please download this document to read COMPASS and its partners submission to the Commission.

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Lawrence Harvey

Lawrence lives in Reading with his wife Pauline and will be operating in the Reading territory.

Lawrence has enjoyed a successful career in the IT and communications arena. For 12 years, Lawrence has been involved with mobile network communications and infrastructure support.  Over the last few years Lawrence has managed a large team of technical staff to ensure that the mobile networks keep working and if there is a fault, then Lawrence and his team were ready to get us talking again as soon as possible. Lawrence grabbed the opportunity in November after redundancy to leave this industry and embark on a career with Premier Sport.

Lawrence gained his technical knowledge through the Army where he could be found in the battlefield with a radio antenna on his back making sure that everyone knew what was going on in times of great pressure. It was also through his Army career that Lawrence enjoyed his love for sport by playing football, rugby and boxing.

Lawrence has all the attributes to become successful as a Premier Sport franchisee. His positive and open manner and ability to relate to all will be invaluable as he embarks on his new career. But most importantly he will go about building his business with a big smile on his face.

We are all delighted to have Lawrence in the Premier Sport network and wish you every success.

BMS Breakthrough - Multiple Coaches on Curricular

The BMS has being undergoing some major changes in recent months with the introduction of the Schools Portal, Lesson planning and Coaching Assessments. We are also pleased to announce a new enhancement where multiple coaches can be allocated to curricular courses, overcoming the issue with conflicting coaches on events.

This works by simply clicking on the number within a given date on the calendar, to open up an area where you can add a coach to the session. This functionality enables you to add a different coach to different days on the course. The add and delete sessions and changing from full and half days has also been moved to this new area.

BMS - Creating a ‘Main Contact’ in the schools portal

We have created functionality within the BMS to assign a ‘Main Contact’ to a schools individual page.

To do this, just follow these simple steps;

  • Select a school
  • Click the pencil icon to edit
  • Scroll down to the main contact field
  • Assign a ‘Main Contact’
  • Update the changes

Your schools will then have the ‘Main Contact’ email and telephone number available to them.

Submit your accounts now!

Annual accounts

Some franchisees have yet to submit their annual accounts for last year. If you fall into this category could you please inform Julie Hall with an update of your situation.

Thank you to those that have submitted their accounts, and doing so in the specified format means we can provide you with valuable feedback regards the health of your business.

Autumn term accounts

Today is the deadline for the submission of your Autumn term accounts (1st Sept - 31st Dec). The accounts should be received in the correct Premier Sport template. If you are going to be late submitting these accounts could you please inform Julie Hall of your situation.

Capre Register

Following the launch of the CAPRE register, nearly 80 Premier Sport coaches have signed up. By August 2015, all Premier Sport coaches will be required to join the register to comply with communication from Capre to your schools regards 'recognised good practice'.

CAPRE is the Children’s Activity Professionals Register. A Children’s Activity Professional is someone who delivers physical activity for children and young people in the area of multi-disciplinary games, sports, and physical activity.

All Capre Members:

  • Meet the industry’s nationally recognised qualification standards
  • Are committed to professional development
  • Are bound by a Code of Ethical Conduct.

Capre members are required to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensuring their skills continually meet industry standards (set by SkillsActive).

To register, or if you have any questions, please visit the CAPRE website

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