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Friday 29th January 2016


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Our Core Values...

#1: Be happy, have fun and give joy

Be Part of Danny’s #NTE16 Session

Operations Director, Danny Melling and James Ashford will open the first session at the 2016 National Training Event.

The session itself will be based around our Core Values.

James will share some great examples on how other companies have embedded these into their culture. Danny will also share some Core Value success stories from within our network and how they have helped franchisees relate to the purpose and impact within a Premier Sport franchise.

Danny Commented; ‘I feel that the most impact at last year’s #NTE15 came from the franchisees that are actually ‘practicing what we preach!’

Therefore, Danny needs your help - he’s looking for volunteers to share their Core Value success stories and how they’ve influenced you. More importantly, how did you embed them into your day to day workings and the impact it’s had on your business.

 If you would like to share your success stories, please contact Danny directly.

Our Core Values...

#2: Create wonderfully enjoyable experiences

Gareth Reflects on #NTE15 & Buzzing for #NTE16

Our Core Values...

#3: Deliver “wow” with every interaction

Annual Accounts - Direct Support & Feedback

Most franchisees have now submitted their annual accounts for last year, allowing us to analyse your performance but more importantly, provide direct support/feedback to those franchisees whose ratios fall below the national averages. Performance comparison is crucial in any business, but when you’re only comparing it against your own performance, you don’t really know how well your business is performing!

The purpose of us having a set template for accounts is to enable us to accurately compare your performance and offer support where needed. Danny Melling has already conducted meetings with several franchisees to review their performance and set simple actions to help improve profitability.

Facts: Here are the key ratios from this year’s accounts so far, based on the accounts received. These are the figures all businesses should be aspiring to improve on!


Year Turnover GP GP% OP OP%
5+ £275,773.16 £128,343.08 47% £53,996.08 20%


Year Turnover GP GP% OP OP%
5+ £820,580.00 £448,343.00 63% £204,671.00 34%

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Our Core Values...

#4: Commit to continual improvement

Alla Looks to ‘Seize Opportunity’ at #NTE16

Our Core Values...

#5: Build a positive team and family spirit

CATCH UP - Andy’s ‘Delivery’ Q&A Session

Did you tune into Andy’s Delivery Q&A session on Wednesday? If you didn’t, don’t worry!

Please click the ‘Catch Up’ button below and download the file from Dropbox.

Catch Up

Our Core Values...

#6: Be adventurous, creative and open-minded

Opportunity is Knocking... Open the Door!

Following the success of the ‘Daily Mile’ at St Ninians primary school in Scotland, it went viral, sweeping across all the national press with the Head teacher scooping the Pride of Britain, Teacher of the Year Award. This has resonated across UK primary schools and local authorities, gaining real traction.

This is your golden opportunity to provide a far more comprehensive solution to your schools and stakeholders. We’ve already seen Active Surrey rolling out The Golden Mile to over 350 schools across the entire county and Licensee, Nick Shirley is now doing exactly the same across every school in Milton Keynes, as a result of a partnership with his local School Sport Partnership (SSP) and them looking to recreate the Daily Mile.

This is a potential game changer, licensees themselves are urging everyone to get in front of their stakeholders as this is an unbelievable opportunity to grow your business and forge new partnerships.

For anyone that missed the previous ‘Daily Mile’ communications, follow the links below and take action now.

Daily Mile Initiative Pride of Britain Teacher of the Year

Our Core Values...

#7: Nurture strong relationships through excellent communication

Resources Off to Flying Start!

Now you have your pupils resource booklets, let’s get them out there!

As you know, these resources are an essential and mandatory part of the curricular programme which differentiates you from your competition.

It has recently become apparent that not all resources are being used to their full potential, despite training being made available at no additional cost for you and your staff. To ensure all of our products are delivered to the highest standard, it is imperative you’re using the pupil resource booklets, music and online paper resources to compliment your delivery. These resources have been designed by leading industry experts and will enhance the children’s learning as well as adding value to the schools’ overall curriculum.

These portfolios support delivery, learning and Ofsted accountability, as well as catering for all children’s learning styles (visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinaesthetic) enabling you to deliver outstanding provision.

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Our Core Values...

#8: Work smarter not harder

Increasing our Physical Activity Presence #NTE16

Our Core Values...

#9: Remain above the line at all times

Want to Join Our Marketing Team? Apply Now!

Following the recent Smith & Henderson Survey, we’re pleased to note the Marketing Support benchmark score has improved by 21% - the biggest positive increase across all the categories.

We’re obviously pleased with the feedback and its testament to the hard work the team have done over the past 12 months to develop this very important area of the business. We also believe the improved communications between head office support and the network has also had a positive impact. But despite the positive result, we still believe there is more work to be done and marketing still seems to be a key area where franchisees require additional training and support, which we recognise and we want to address.

There are a number of opportunities we believe can be implemented very quickly to get this process moving:

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Our Core Values...

#10: Be outstanding and passionate in everything we do

Schools ‘Must Offer Apprenticeships,’ Says Nicky Morgan

There's little doubt that schools with sixth forms have an incentive to point good students towards A levels.

But looming over all of this is the pressure on ministers of the promise to create three million apprenticeships by 2020, partly funded by a levy on larger employers.

In the last five years much of the boom in apprenticeships has been driven by adults over the age of 25 wanting to learn new skills. At the same time, the proportion of people starting an apprenticeship who were under the age of 19 fell markedly.

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‘Are You Prepared to Expand?’

Asks Glenn Hoy of Time Associates. Glenn and his team have now worked with PEG business owners at all stages within their development (from the largest to the most recent additions) and with this experience, confirms to him that your business growth is as much a question of attitude as it is of resource and planning.

Glenn comments; ‘2015 has seen massive increases in sales income across parts of the PEG network. Those that have achieved this all share the willingness and drive to give up things they ‘want’ to do in favour of things they ‘need’ to do. Whilst others are still hoping it will just happen. What category do you want to be in?’

If you would like some more information about Glenn’s ‘Prepared to Expand’ processes, you can call him on 07747 270 775 or email to: [email protected]

Scheduled GoToMeetings...

Andy Heald - ‘Delivery’ Q&A sessions - Dates Below...

A regular ‘Delivery’ Q&A GoToMeeting with our National Quality Development Manager, Andy Heald.

Andy Heald will take any questions / queries / guidance he receives via email to form the agenda points in these sessions. The chances are, other franchisees / Activity Professionals will benefit from your question being answered.

Hit the button below and you’ll be given the option to secure your place on the following session/s -

Tue 16 Feb | Wed 16 Mar | Tue 5 Apr | Wed 11 May | Tues 7 Jun | Wed 6 Jul

Register Now

Danny Melling - ‘School Budgets & Contract Renewals,’ Monday 10am

Monday’s ‘School Budgets & Contract Renewals’ GoToMeeting will be from 10am-11am.

If you want to add any points to the meeting agenda, please email these over to Operations Director, Danny Melling before Monday’s session.

Login details –

  1. To join the meeting, go to - https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/250214829
  2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.
    Dial +44 (0) 20 3713 5010
    Access Code: 250-214-829
    Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
    Meeting ID: 250-214-829

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