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Friday 9th May 2014


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across the Premier Education Group.

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23 days left and counting...
Two amazing ‘MUST READ’ case studies

After reading these two amazing case studies from franchisees Darren Dicks and Duncan Donnelly, can you afford not to have Golden Mile working for you?

Contact Karl Fox before 31st May and you will SAVE yourself £1800.

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Activity Professionals rewarded with £500 loyalty bonus...

Franchise owners, Danny Melling and Andy Heald have rewarded three Activity Professionals with £1500 in ‘loyalty bonuses’ for their commitment to Premier Sport for over 5 years.

During this time John Gormer, Neil Hetherington and Matt Stafford have all been delivering sport & physical activity in schools across Wigan and Leigh.

Speaking about the loyalty bonuses, Danny Melling commented...

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Promotions secured ahead of busy summer period

As we begin the run in to the summer holidays, we have secured a number of national and regional promotions on and offline to raise the profile of the networks holiday courses. Below is a snap shot of the various promotions that will be running.

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Westminster Briefing asks for our guidance and support

We’re very pleased to have been asked again to present at the forthcoming Westminster Briefing to be held in Leeds on Wednesday 16th July.

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Premier Sport to present to Public Health England

We are engaging in a long term research study to evidence the impact and benefit our activities have on the physical and mental health of young people.

We are now at the next stage and will be presenting our initial pilot study proposal to PHE to gain their support for the project. Even at pilot stage there will be opportunities to publicly talk about the project to stakeholders at local and national level, therefore reinforcing our position as the leading provider in the sector.

Activity Professional assessment training - 29th May

The assessment of Activity Professionals is paramount in ensuring quality and providing accurate CPD to staff. The course will enable participants to assess Activity Professionals competently and confidently in a school or community environment. Covering organisational best practice, the assessment of planning and delivery, following the assessment framework, how to feedback and recommending CPD.

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Chewits kit dispatch

Your remaining free Chewits kit will be distributed to you week commencing 12.05.14. Along with the kit there will be a kit allocation form which we require to be completed and sent back to HQ for our records.

Schools portal ‘how to guide’

The latest school portal guide will be placed on the services and support section of schools individual portals.

An online tutorial video is currently being created and will be available in the same section shortly. Schools will be notified about this update through the schools newsletter.

We will keep you updated on a weekly basis.

Introducing father and son combo...

Terry and Adrian Horne have taken the father and son relationship to the next level by launching a Premier Sport franchise together in the Shepton Mallet territory in Somerset.

They have always had the desire to move to the West Country from their home near Milton Keynes, so the Premier Sport franchise was the perfect opportunity for them to relocate.

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Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

We have collated some interesting statistics below – Question is, where do you fit?

  • 60% of the top 10 performing franchisees attended the ‘optional’ training session at the NTE whereas only 20% of bottom 10 did.
  • 71% of franchisees who have just completed their first year of trading are ahead of their financial forecast.
  • Of that 71%; 60% accessed ALL of the support events offered whilst the other 40% attended TWO THIRDS
  • Of the 29% who are behind forecast; HALF didn’t access ANY of the support events offered and NOT ONE accessed ALL of the support!

Promotions & family data cleanse

As discussed at the NTE, we will be introducing a new promotion mechanic, making promotions more consistent and easier to apply across the Premier Group.

We will provide guidance and timescales on when this change will be implemented.

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Online store & resources

Further to the switch over to the new Premier Sport site, the online store will remain in place via http://legacy.www.premiersport.org/ for the short/medium term.

We are looking at alternative options that will be more appropriate to your needs and directly linked into the BMS. We will keep you updated when any changes or developments are made.

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Marketing collateral

We’re currently undertaking a review of all our current marketing collateral provided across the group. If you have any recommendations or suggestions on items you would like introduced please email [email protected]. We will feedback your suggestions at the forthcoming champions meeting.

Family businessman matrix

We’ve had a number of franchisees tell us they have used Peter Ropers, (Family Businessman), matrix with their staff, which has highlighted some significant gaps in knowledge.

All have said it has proved to be a really useful process and one we recommend that all of our network undertake.

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Staff non-compete agreement and contract of employment – the facts!

During the last couple of months we have seen a few incidents of franchisees losing staff to competitors due to exiting staff breaching their contractual restrictive covenants or their non-compete agreement.

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Submit your termly accounts by 31st May

Following the NTE, you will now be aware that analysing just THREE numbers will give you an accurate overview of which areas of your business need attention and where to focus your time.

We learned about the importance of reviewing your finances (business) in a timely manner. With that in mind we are sure you have your accounts ready to upload on the BMS by 31st May 2014.

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