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Friday 28th April 2017


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across Premier Education Group.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

School sales & marketing campaign ready to launch

Premier Education Group are about to release another eBook to our schools community, the latest version is all about physical literacy and how this can be integrated into schools, to underpin the holistic approach to overall child development.

Have a read though the eBook here and familiarise yourself with this.

Later on in the week you will receive a sales and marketing campaign to outline how we recommend you utilise this wonderful document! In the meantime, other than some light bedtime reading, there is no need for you to do anything and we will provide you with some resources soon.

4 reasons why you cannot miss this eBook...

Explores the concepts of Kinaesthetic Learning and Physical Literacy.

Offers the opportunity to embed Physical Activity and PESS into your pupils’ daily routine.

Improves a child’s overall academic performance through physical movement.

Explains the WHY behind the offer of inter school competitions.

A warm welcome to our new recruits at HQ...

It has been a busy couple of months here at Premier and we’ve been rapidly expanding, and over the next week we will be introducing you to our new recruits!

Firstly though, we have to wave goodbye to the great Phil Gaffer who is moving on to pastures new... so we will start by introducing you to Phil’s replacement Jody.

Jody is a Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP), which means she is formally recognised for her professional knowledge and experience in franchising. With 4 years’ franchise experience combined with 10 years in recruitment and business development, Jody has endless expertise in recruiting individuals for franchise networks and developing their businesses. Supporting franchise expansion, developing relationships with the franchise world and dealing with franchise resales are also one of her many talents.

‘I’m excited to have joined Premier and look forward to working with the existing franchisees on their expansion plans and the new incoming franchisees to grow the network – committing to continual improvement along the way, just like our core values emphasise!’. - Jody Macmillan, Business Development Manager

Fit-trition offers a fantastic opportunity to provide MORE clubs, MORE revenue without the need for MORE staff...

Fit-Trition events fit perfectly around your existing offering, either at school drop off or following your ASC’s. You now have the solution to make every school environment a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT, by engaging PARENTS and TEACHERS/GOVERNORS.

EVERY Transition meeting you attend, DON’T miss the opportunity to offer not only a PARENT session twice a week but TEACHER/GOVERNOR sessions too. That’s the potential of an extra 4 clubs per school!

#YourPupilsNeedYou campaign is here... ready for a pivotal term to gain traction

Emotive, informative, and targeted - #YourPupilsNeedYou campaign is ready to go for all Transition licensees...

The aim of the campaign is to raise brand awareness for Fit-Trition, and to increase numbers of teachers/governors participating in Fit-Trition sessions - connecting with teachers on an emotional level and offering them a convenient “whole school approach” to healthy living.

Click here to read more

#YourChildNeedsYou campaign is here...

Wednesday we launched the #YourPupilsNeedYou Fit-Trition campaign that is targeted at teachers and governors. We’ve now launched the #YourChildNeedsYou campaign. This is your Fit-Trition communication aimed at the PARENTS.

On average, there are 10,000 mums in your territory alone and this campaign is designed to help you target them and expand your business! For the first time, you have a service that can not only target the huge parent market, it can also help in keeping your staff busy during typically quieter times, including mornings during school drop off and following after school clubs.

Click here to read more

New recruits, hello Jane...

Jane, our super fit and healthy (triathlon obsessed) Premier Partnerships Consultant, will work with us to create partnerships with other companies, providers and sectors in order to help more children have opportunities to participate in physical activity.

Jane has worked in Sports Development for nearly 20 years across a broad range of organisations including Local Authority, County Sports Partnership (CSP), Sport England and most recently the England and Wales Cricket Board.

This has given Jane an excellent insight and understanding of the sector. On a personal level, Jane’s mid life crisis has seen her become completely addicted to competing regularly in triathlon and Ironman events and she has recently become chairman of Norfolk’s largest Tri-Anglia triathlon club Tri-Anglia. Jane also volunteers as a board member for Active Norfolk the local CSP and the Norfolk Cricket Board.

‘For me giving everyone an opportunity to participate in some form of activity is really important, some need a bit more encouragement than others, but what everyone gets when they do is a real sense of achievement’ - Jane Hannah, Premier Partnerships Consultant

What are you doing to utilise your dead space?

The first question to ask yourself is do you know the answers to the below questions?

  1. What are your average holiday course numbers?
  2. What are your average club numbers?
  3. What is your dead time for staff?

By knowing the answers to these questions, it’s really simple to piece together a number of strategies to ensure that you not only up sell additional courses but maintain high numbers on current courses.

To find out what strategies you could be using and implementing, book in a call with Frankie straightaway. She has opened up a slot on 23rd May all day, so to find out your allocated time slot, drop her an email now - [email protected]

Have a great day and don’t forget to SMASH IT!

Minimum Operating Standards – Action Required

You MUST upload your online compliance documentation to the BMS by Friday 19th May 2017.

In readiness for the implementation of our Minimum Operating Standards online compliance, we are asking all franchisees to take action and upload the relevant certification and document to the BMS.

It is imperative that all of your Activity Professionals are compliant. Without meeting our Minimum Operating Standards, Activity Professional’s will NOT BE ABLE to be booked onto any courses until they have been certified.

To assist you in getting the certification uploaded to the BMS by Friday 19th May, we have created a step-by-step guide outlining the process you need to undertake on the BMS. Click the image below to view this process...

Missed a previous newsletter? Check out our archive...

We thought you would find it useful to create a Weekly News Update archive housing previous newsletters from this academic year.

‘Read more’ to catch up on any news you may have missed.

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