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Friday 12th May 2017


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across Premier Education Group.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

IMPORTANT - New Emails


On SUNDAY 7th May 2017 our emails switched over. Some of you have already had an account setup on your Outlook by Matty and, as mentioned, your emails will start arriving in your new inbox. Once this happens, you will be able to drag and drop any emails you want to keep from one mailbox to the other. Do this for all Inbox and Sent items and make sure that everything you want to keep has been switched across ASAP after the 24th April please. (Do not do it before the switch over happens)

For those of you that use Outlook, this email will help you catch up. For those of you that only use WebMail then you can access your new email account here:- https://webmail.premier-education.com

**PLEASE NOTE** Anybody can access their emails via WebMail at any time, simply go to that address and enter your login details.

Please also visit: https://emailsetup.premier-education.com/PEG-Signiture.html to copy and paste the new Email Signature. (When the page loads, click inside the page and “Select ALL” to copy the entire text/images)

If you would like to send/receive emails via Outlook or similar, then follow the instructions below...


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Dame Kelly Holmes Represents The Golden Mile!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Dame Kelly Holmes will be representing The Golden Mile in our third PR showcase next Wednesday! What better way to celebrate National Walk to School Week?!

Keep your eyes peeled, as we have already confirmed appearances on Sky Sunrise, BBC, and The Chris Evans Breakfast Show!

Off the back of this PR campaign, we will be offering the chance for parents and teachers to nominate their child’s/their school to receive access the Golden Mile and all its benefits absolutely free of charge. By nominating a school, they will be in with the chance to win an ambassador visit, or a free day of sport.

Active Mile schemes have been heralded and recommended by government and both national and local competitors are beginning to make inroads with this concept. The Golden Mile is a far superior and established product than anything else out there and what’s more it’s ‘MEASURABLE’ so if you’re not getting your schools involved then what are you waiting for?!

We are expecting to receive a lot of website hits, and social media engagement during National Walking Week, and the aftermath - so get involved, share our updates, and spread the word!

Thinking of running a National Walk to School Week event at a school in your area? Take a look at the Living Streets website for more information...

Email assistance - Webinar recording

Thanks to all that participated in Tuesday’s webinar, please click here to view recording link if you missed it. Please share this with your staff members and colleagues to ensure we resolve this matter quickly.

Thanks for your understanding.


Please click here to access a recording to Vblog - ARE YOU BEING EFFECTIVE!

How do you know if you are being EFFECTIVE? Do you just turn up to at least say a Lunch Time Activity and supervise? Do you think you are being IRREPLACEABLE? In Andy’s Vblog he shares with you a recent experience that really got him thinking about how his Act Pros are delivering and are they really being effective!

Our role is not to supervise, but to be effective on all the children we interact with. Which Act Pros really have the biggest impact on the children? Those who are passionate and leave the participants empowered and excited about what they have done or the ones that just supervise? There is really no excuse for this and as schools now look at their provision, our challenge to you is are you being EFFECTIVE?

Join Andy on his webinar on Wednesday 17th May at 5:30pm where we will outline what it takes to be effective and share examples of how we not only ensure we are doing this but also how we can maximise the school portal data and ensure we are clear on the work we are doing in schools. Ensuring we are demonstrating how we are being irreplaceable and are fully ready for school reviews and new school sales.

Please click here to access the GoTo link for the webinar.

PEG Renew £25,000 per year membership with UKactive

We are delighted to have renewed our Strategic Partners membership with UKactive kids which will see them working with us strategically over the next 12 months to promote your business both nationally and locally. As part of the membership, we get direct access to some of the best in the business who are actively working on your behalf on a daily basis.

They have a 12 month ‘Workplan’ with agreed, clear KPIs which we will work with them on to achieve. These include:

  • Raising the profile of the Golden Mile and Personal Best programmes with MPs so that you can use these as leverage to get into new schools
  • Increasing awareness of the fantastic work you do both nationally and locally with MPs via parliamentary lobbying.
  • Ensuring key messages and feedback get shared with parliament
  • Sharing key stats and data from landscape experts
  • Delivering training / workshops for franchisees to provide the best, up to the minute landscape information.
Please click here to see our key points of contact at UKactive who are actively working on a daily basis to support the growth of your business!

Sport Premium and Sugar Tax Funding

We have been contacted frequently by franchisees asking for updates and clarity re. Sport Premium and Sugar Tax funding and understand there are lots of mixed messages being shared locally. Therefore, at our request, UKactive have provided this detailed update for your perusal. Please feel free to share with your schools and key stakeholders as this will also strengthen your position locally as an industry expert, with access to accurate, up to date information (unlike many local competitors). Use this to your advantage!

As soon as any specifics re. funding criteria is released, UKactive will know about it and therefore so will you.

Now is the time where you should be renewing ALL Service level agreements (SLAs) with schools for next year. We know that historically there is an average 12% drop in ‘active’ schools in September from the previous July. Therefore, you must take this opportunity to understand what impact that has on you locally and WHY? e.g. if it’s to do with lack of space during the winter months then why not sell the benefits on Premier Transition or Performing Arts Drama classes - both of which can be delivered in the classroom and don’t need the hall space. Remember it’s 7 TIMES CHEAPER to sell to existing customers than new ones! #GOING4GOLD

World Music Day is approaching

World Music Day is fast approaching, it arrives on the 21st June so get the date in the diary! Attached, we have created some fantastic resources for you to use as part of your PEG sales strategy!!

Please click on the images below to access these resources...

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Frankie – [email protected]

Creative Arts Pass - World Music Day

Creative Arts Pass - World Music Day 60’s Corner Cards

School Portal Update

We are constantly looking at ways we can update our school portal system - if you would like to learn how to maximise the use of the portal and understand how this can be used in your upcoming review meetings, then please click on the link below to register for the Goto Q&A session and webinar on Tuesday 23rd May.

Goto Link

Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 5:30pm – 6:30pm

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