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Friday 23rd June 2017


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across Premier Education Group.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

School Portal Q&A

The School Portal is undoubtedly an amazing USP, however not all Activity Professionals and Franchisees are maximising its effectiveness - whether that be due to a lack of understanding, or simply because they have not given it the time it deserves to understand and drive into schools.

This webinar covers all the most recent updates and covers the basics of how to maximise the school portal in your practice. A simple example of this is explained within the webinar; Activity Professionals are encouraged to use the system so they can clearly see how effective they are being in schools, as well as seeing what actions and steps they can advise next - easy!


Please click image below to watch this webinar.

Be SUN SAFE this Summer!

Now that the glorious Summer weather has finally arrived, it’s extremely important that we are all Sun Smart during delivery of extracurricular clubs, outdoor PE sessions and holiday camps!

We have highlighted a few top tips below to make sure your AP’s and kids attending your camps are safe...

  1. Cover up with suitable clothing and a HAT!
  2. Spend time in the shade – particularly from 11am – 3pm
  3. Wear at least SPF 15 sunscreen – this should be RE-APPLIED every two hours or every time you have been exposed to water
  4. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated
  5. Protect your eyes and wear sunglasses!

Have a quick look here for more information on staying Sun Smart this summer.

READY STEADY BOOK... Sign up and Smash on!

Book your place at Train With Premier, spaces go live tomorrow at 9am.

*Please note your franchise group/date has already been emailed to you directly, if for any reason you do not receive this information please email [email protected]*

Attendance is strictly for the day you have been allocated ONLY, and all bookings are on a first come first served basis.

Break Through Mindset Training: How to manage your Mind/Emotions & Break through into a Success Growth Mindset.

The Training will teach you how your Mind works, how we process our experience to make up our Mindset, and how to run your Mind Body and Emotions.

  • Learn Physiology of Excellence and the Mind Body connection
  • Learn about Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset with practical skills to achieve the change
  • Learn how to be at “cause” in Life rather than at the “effect” of Life
  • Learn skills to improve outcomes and how to be unstoppable confident
  • Learn crucial skills for all areas of communication verbally and non-verbally.
  • Learn how to manage your emotions rather than them managing you
  • How to increase Motivation by moving from “Away From&” motivation to “towards” motivation, thereby reducing stress, gaining focus and getting what you really want rather than what you settle for
  • Learn how to overcome the 4 main objections in Sales
  • Have an experience of putting it all together to Break through a one inch pine wood board with your bare hands, break through perceived limitations in work business and all areas of your life.

All taught by NLP Trainer and Licensed Instructor of Hypnosis Rick Maczka who has 25 years’ experience in helping others to achieve their goals, and overcoming what might at first seem impossible!

Understanding Child Assessment

Can you believe we are approaching the end of another academic year!? It’s safe to say it has been another amazing year in terms of development and improvement.

In line with these developments and improvements, this year saw us further enhance the curricular Pupil learning assessment tool for AP’s to use, introducing our CARED model and 5’E system as well as introducing a numeric comparison tool to compare and monitor our judgements being made.

The purpose of this VBlog is to prepare you for the end of the year and ensure you are delivering WOW with your Pupil Reports that can be done directly through the BMS!

Watch the VBlog here

Andy will be also hosting a Webinar win this at 5:30pm on Thursday 22nd June. - to register click here

PEG’s 2017 Annual Quality and Impact Review of Area School Provision

It has been a couple of weeks since we distributed our CQI survey to schools, with the completion deadline of Friday 30th June. We recommend and would appreciate it, if you haven’t already, for you to politely encourage all of the schools you work with to complete the survey (using the email template provided)

Your assistance this academic year to support the whole CQI model has been greatly appreciated; you have really supported us to develop the work we have completed and what we have achieved so far.

Keep the Kids Hydrated Through the Heatwave

Summer has arrived and brought a heatwave to us all, it’s more important than ever to keep the kids on your courses hydrated.

You can even provide them with a bottle yourself! Sell these roll up water bottles to parents and schools, or gift them to attendees.

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50% off Sport Specific leaflets!

With a consistent brand design, there are strong calls to action throughout, with an emphasis on online booking.

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RESPECT - Sporting Values Planning Guidance

You may have seen our NEW AMAZING physical literacy e-book and by now, you should all - Franchisees and AP’s - have shared the superb ‘RESPECT’ acronym British values poster with all schools, including the schools you don’t work in!

We have created a fantastic set 7-week programme and planning resource linked to each of the 7 values! This webinar will orientate you around each plan and how to maximise each lesson - also a great planning CPD session for all AP’s. We are confident that these resources will have an amazing impact on all children that get the opportunity to engage in the lessons!

Please click image below to watch this webinar.


Spaces are going faster than you could fall off a gym ball...


  • Limited to ONE space per territory owned
  • ONLY bookings on your allocated day will be accepted
  • If you haven’t received your allocated day via email please contact Karl Fox immediately [email protected]

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REMEMBER it’s strictly first come first served basis. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Premier Foundation Ambassador!

Premier Foundation is privileged to have the support from such successful and prestigious athletes. Our most recent and incredibly inspiring Ambassador, Simon Elmore has joined partnership with Premier Foundation to support our cause and help inspire young people to incorporate sport into their lives. Simon believes that the power of physical activity can be used as a vehicle not only to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing but to actively change lives of young people, building skills and personal development uplifting them to aspire to more.

Understanding Child Assessment

We’re excited to share with you something a bit different today - a Premier Education Group Physically Active Story Book!

So, what is it?

First in our series - Hare & Tortoise Visit The Zoo!

Fun, creative, and inspiring - this is a story book with a twist. It combines storytelling, with fun exercises for children...

"Follow our mascots, Hare and Tortoise, on a trip to the zoo! You will encounter various exciting animals along the way, including kangaroos, bears, and giraffes! Can you copy the actions, and help Hare & Tortoise to find the big yellow lion?..."

This creates an engaging way for parents to read with their children, whilst encouraging them to be physically active. You can also try using the story books in lessons, or at holiday camps - please let us know how useful/engaging the children find it!

We’re planning to produce a new book for each half term, so you’ve got something different to promote at your holiday courses each time.

How can I get a copy?...

Every franchisee will be sent one free copy of the storybook, courtesy of the marketing department! Multiple copies will then be available to purchase on both the franchisee and parent online stores.

Can I share this with parents & teachers?

These are perfect gifts for children, parents, and teachers - purchasing copies on the online shop will allow you to:

  • Re-sell to parents/teachers
  • Giveaway as prizes for competitions during holiday camps, or social media competitions
  • Use at holiday camps/lessons as a warm up exercise for the children

We want to hear your feedback! Please send any feedback about the storybook to Gemma in the marketing department - [email protected].

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The prices of merchandise and kit are being cut in our Summer sale – From kit combo deals to discounts on the entire merchandise collection, there’s bargains to be had. Expect to see more and more deals in the coming week’s!

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