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Friday 1st September 2017

Welcome to your Weekly Roundup featuring articles from across Premier.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

The Voice of the Sector - Driving the standards for a better future

Last week Andy Heald attended the second in what will be a series of meetings with CIMPSA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) as part of the new coaching standards committee.

The purpose behind the meetings are to devise a clear, new set of coaching and sector standards for the industry to ensure that all coaches are more fit for purpose and closer to the readiness for deployment, in turn supporting the recruitment, CPD and deployment.

This is a very privileged position to be in as we sit on the group with: UK Coaching, Sport England, YST, AfPE, and UK Active Kids to really create a movement for our sector and have the voice of the sector as we continue to grow, develop and Educate and Activate the World.

Andy has recorded a short video that will provide you with more understanding of the discussions - please see below. We are extremely excited about how this group (the first of its kind) will drive the standards and career pathways for Coaches and Activity Professionals.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Premier Wellbeing licensees...

You have already added an asset to your business by being a first mover and taking full advantage of our Wellbeing offering!

The first opportunity to register your interest in becoming a Wellbeing licensee was way back at NTE15, over 16 months ago.

Since then, as our national landscape starts to shift towards health, we have seen 50% of our network take full advantage of this fantastic product. Wellbeing adds value to existing customers and provides a platform for franchisees to access previously untargeted customers such as parents and nurseries... This has all been available at no upfront or ongoing cost!

As business owners, you are only too aware that every offer must come to an end, so from December 31st 2017 there will be a minimum license fee investment of £5,000, bringing Wellbeing in line with our other licenses - but at this point in time this is still ‘A COMMISSION ONLY MODEL’.

Time Associates have had a record breaking year in terms of appointments booked across network - and their stats confirm what we were predicting... Since January 2017, they have booked 78% more Wellbeing appointments than Sport, showcasing the DEMAND for the health and wellbeing offering.

The Department of Health also recently announced that the ringfenced Sport Premium fund would DOUBLE from September 2017, meaning schools could access up to £16,000 dependent upon their size.

The doubling of this pot means Headteachers will have more at their disposal than ever before. Recent Government strategy documentation details an increased shift towards health and wellbeing. In fact, in their cross departmental report ‘sporting figures’, they have highlighted they are working to redefine what success looks like in sport by concentrating on five key outcomes: Physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic. Actual guidance for schools around health & wellbeing is imminent.

Please be aware: There is absolutely no guarantee that anyone who registers for a Wellbeing license from this point will be approved before December 31st. There are already franchisees in the application process and with that process consisting of due diligence and Director interviews, it isn’t a straightforward process, as we must ensure that applicants have the structure and process in place to successfully operate a multi-brand, multi-revenue business as part of both their growth and defensive strategy.

93% of Parents Said They’d Be Interested...

We’ve had an idea!!

93% of parents surveyed said that they’d be interested in purchasing professional photos of their children having fun and being active on Premier courses.

This is a huge opportunity to add value to the customer experience, and to up sell our services.

“Premier Capture” is a new idea we’ve had to capture those precious moments and memories, which are created every time you deliver a Premier session.

The process would involve HQ dispatching a professionally trained, DBS checked photographer in to your extra-curricular or holiday sessions, who will take a series of photos of the children in action - these can then be printed in a variety of different formats, including our “wow” action poster and mini poster.

This service will be completely free of charge for franchisees!

Find out more by following the link below - we’d also love to get your feedback, so please fill in the survey. By filling in the survey, you could WIN a photo shoot at one of your holiday camps!

Please click here to access the survey...

Exciting Parent Booking Enhancements Are Here!

We’ve been developing some important enhancements to our booking system, making it much more convenient and easier for parents to book online.

So, what are the new updates?!

  • Parents can now book online using childcare vouchers
  • Parents can now book online for their 4 year olds
  • It is now £5 cheaper if a parent books online!
  • Flexi booking is now available - meaning parents have the option of paying a little extra to be able to edit their bookings
  • Parents can now book onto a course after the course date has begun

These updates will really help to encourage parents to book online. More online bookings = more data captured, more website traffic, and increased brand awareness! The flexi booking adds value to a customer’s experience, giving them extra peace of mind. Now that parents can book after the course start date, you should start to notice a big difference in numbers of online bookings!

We will be communicating these changes via the parent newsletter, which will be going out early September, and will also be communicating this via our social media accounts. We advise you to do the same on your local accounts - shout about it!

Stay tuned for tutorials on the new parent booking enhancements!

Important message to all Area Co-ordinators...

Please can we ask for all area co-ordinators to upload their extra-curricular clubs for the new school term. HQ are currently inundated with booking requests wanting to know what courses are available.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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We thought you would find it useful to create a Weekly News Update archive housing previous newsletters from this academic year.

‘Read more’ to catch up on any news you may have missed.

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