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Friday 6th February 2015


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across the Premier Education Group.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

Did you know?

The number of active children taking part in The Golden Mile has risen by a massive 100% compared to this time last year. This adds even more credibility to the scheme, with more schools and children being impacted than ever before.

Golden Mile’s support of National Obesity Awareness week

Following Golden Mile’s support of National Obesity Awareness Week (NOAW) we are pleased to announce the top three schools that completed the most miles per pupil from Monday 12th - Friday 16th January were;

  1. Hollesley Primary School, 2.78 miles per pupil
    (Licensee: Daniel Bloomfield/Shane Preston)
  2. Slaley First School, 1.47 miles per pupil
    (Licensee: Steve Hoey)
  3. Hempland Primary School, 1.27 miles per pupil
    (Licensee: Darren Dicks)

All three schools will be receiving a Golden Mile ‘Tackling Inactivity’ award very soon.

Well done to these licensees in supporting their schools by offering a unique service and strengthening their relationships for future negotiations.

If you have any photos, stories or comments from the schools, please pass them on so we can feature them in our Schools’ Newsletter!

Did you know?

This week, GM Director Karl Fox has been creating a project plan for a new ‘physical activity’ brand that will complement the Golden Mile...watch this space!

GM Monitor Training, part 3 – Roles and Responsibilities

This week sees the launch of part three of the Golden Mile ‘Monitor Training’ resource that provides licensees with video of a live training session delivered by GM Director, Karl Fox. This particular process is integral to the success, longevity and reducing the time management of GM within your schools.

This new training video is split into four parts and part three looks at the roles and responsibilities of a Golden Mile monitor.

We’ll release part 4 next week. If you can’t wait, we’ve already uploaded this to our YouTube channel.

Did you know?

50% of our top ten Premier Sport franchisees now own a Premier Performing Arts licence. They are maximising their efficiency by offering a complementary proposition to schools and building wealth.

Dance, drama and music – invest in PPA and SAVE £9,990

Existing Premier Performing Arts licensees are set to triple the value of their business following the National Training Event in February 2015 with the launch of drama and music products as well as dance. This means even more choice for your schools and even more up-selling opportunities for you!

If you don’t currently have a license, you can take advantage of our exclusive offer and own all three Performing Arts products (dance, drama and music) for the price of one.

If you register your interest in this ‘3 in 1’ exclusive offer you will save £9,900.

All you need to do is contact Frankie by 5pm on Thursday 12th February.

Did you know?

95% of the promotional artwork you have requested via the marketing inbox has been completed in less than 5 working days, giving you time to promote your upcoming events.

New headteacher leaflet available for you now...

The new leaflet provides an overview of Premier Sport’s benefits and services to schools, including the latest stats from our school surveys, e.g. 91% of partner schools rated the teaching quality of our PE and sport as good to outstanding.

It includes information regarding the Inspire Programme, Ofsted announcement, the National Curriculum and the Unique School Portal.

The leaflet includes a contact form for the Headteacher or PE Coordinator to make enquiries, if they want to know more about our programmes.

New leaflet distribution to YOUR schools

To support you in raising awareness of your business, we will be distributing 24,000 headteacher leaflets to schools across the UK on your behalf. The campaign will be followed by an email to teachers’ email addresses and we will forward any enquiries directly to you.

We will keep you informed about the campaign and all the leads that we receive will be sent to you.

In the meantime, we highly recommend that you distribute this leaflet to all active and non active schools in your area.

Please visit the store to place your order.

Did you know?

Marketing invest 15 hours every week compiling information to send to the whole franchise network so you are aware of all of the latest news and developments from across the Premier Group.

The potential of our new mascots

The Hare and the Tortoise

Our new mascots offer better possibilities of engaging with our customers. They resonate with customers, inspiring them to engage in conversation and share content. Also, it helps to personify the brand, increasing brand awareness and attractiveness of the brand.

For the Hare and the Tortoise, social media allows the mascots to develop their own identity, becoming the face of the new holiday programme. A successful example of a social media site is Aleksandr Orlov, the mascot from Comparethemarket.com.

The Meerkat mascot communicates with an impressive 872,000 Facebook fans and has gained Comparethemarket more than £220 million in revenue since they launched the mascot.

A mascot helps people differentiate the product and remember the brand elements. In our case, the brand elements are ensuring that children of all abilities learn the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun with their friends.

During the next week, we will be making even more promotional material available on the online shop. We would like to hear back from you, so please let us have your feedback or suggestions of other marketing media to promote our new holiday programme.

Please send us an email to [email protected]

First Easter holiday literature deadline is 5pm Monday 9th February

We would like to bring to your attention the first printing deadline for ordering themed Easter holiday literature is 9th February at 5pm.

(Sign off approval by 12th February 10:00 am)

If you miss this deadline then don’t worry, you’ll get a second chance to submit your course details. The second deadline is 23rd February.

(Sign off approval by 27th February 10:00 am)

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Did you know?

Skills and Compliance this week continued intense preparation of the National Training Event (11th - 12th Feb), ensuring this year’s event is bigger and even more beneficial for you and your business growth.

A great achievement for five year old... #morethansport

Five year old Daisy Joyce has just started attending a PS event. As the only girl on the course, she was initially hesitant about attending but her mother tells us her daughter now loves it.

Daisy was especially delighted at being awarded a certificate presented to her in her school assembly. Her mother says this has given Daisy a huge confidence boost and the certificate has pride of place on her bedroom wall. As her mother said “You can’t put a price on what that has done for her”.

Well done everybody. You’re doing a great job! - Jonathan Mills

Did you know?

Licensees running curricular courses are up by 100% this term! Also, the newsletter will be the final push for the 3 businesses for 1 offer in previous weeks.

Browsing the Schools Portal before your schools do...

We’ve had a number of enquiries from franchisees asking for a reminder on how to register schools for the Schools Portal as well as providing a ‘walk through’ video.

If you are unfamiliar with the Schools Portal, we recommend you browse the online platform before sending Head Teachers an invite to join.

To do this, go to schools.premier-education.com and follow the login procedure, this will allow you to select your particular school and view their Schools Portal.

If you need further guidance, please follow these instructions...

Click here to read more

Did you know?

Finance will be spending more time on NTE preparation as well as consulting with a pension provider over guidance on the workplace pension (more to follow).

Help us to help you... ensure your school details are up to date

Before Christmas we notified you of a change of payment that would improve our process here at Head Office.

Pleasingly, some schools have already amended their details but over 80% haven’t!

We urge you to speak to your school’s Business Manager. Not only will this save time and money for your schools/councils, but it could speed up the payment process by up to 7 days, meaning you get paid quicker!

Want to be paid up to seven days earlier? Then read on...

In the next couple of weeks, we will be informing schools/councils of our change of payment information. We will be highlighting that our preferred payment method is BACS, the bank account number and the new email address for remittances. Click here for a copy of the draft letter.

We would also urge that you print this letter and hand to your school’s Business Manager.

Not only will this save time and money for the schools/councils, it could speed up the payment process by up to 7 days!

Do you want Olympic gold medallist, Duncan Goodhew to visit one of your schools?

If you would like to reward one of your schools and gain local press exposure with a visit from Premier Sport ambassador, Duncan Goodhew, contact us now.

All you have to do is email [email protected] with a choice of three dates after Monday 2nd March for Duncan to choose from. We’ll then liaise directly with him to confirm one of your dates.

Please note - Duncan’s time will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we cannot guarantee his availability for your chosen dates. Please bear this in mind when discussing the possibility with your chosen school.

Advance warning of a power cut

On Thursday 12th February, Premier Sport Training Academy will be without power due to an upgrade in the area. As a result of this, the building will not be manned and ALL phone calls will be fielded to our database, which will be picked up and actioned the following day.

During the NTE, it will NOT be possible for any shop orders to be collected from HQ, nor will collection from Dunston Hall via a member of Head Office staff be an option. You will need to order items, with delivery, in the normal way.

This is a situation which is out of our control and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

#NTE15 dress code

We have been asked by many of you how to dress for the National Training Event.

This year, you will be required to wear business attire, as you would if you were visiting a school. This means no jeans and/or trainers.

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‘Read more’ to catch up on any news you may have missed.

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