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Friday 20th February 2015


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across the Premier Education Group.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

#NTE15 in pictures...

We would like to thank all of you that have contacted HQ this week describing #NTE15 at the ‘best yet’. We couldn’t have made it the success it was without your focus and input over the two days...a great TEAM effort!

You would’ve seen a number of good news stories filtering through from franchisees who are ALREADY putting what they LEARNED into action. Keep sending them in...

We’ve uploaded a number of pictures from the two days to Premier Education Group’s facebook page.

Did you know?

One franchisee can use the fact that 97% of his partner schools are Ofsted good or outstanding. Simply by measuring this info, he can create a localised marketing campaign to benefit his business.

Much more than just a coach

Last year, we changed the terminology for our deliverers from Coach to Activity Professional and nearly one year on we again share the reasoning behind it.

So remember, when tendering for work there are just five reasons why your Activity Professionals offer so much more than your competitors coaches.

  1. ROLE - The role of the Activity Professional is not just coaching, Activity Professionals have skills to facilitate, teach, play, work and mentor.
  2. LANDSCAPE - The terminology is consistent with that used by Compass and the Children's Activity Professional Register (CAPRE). These roles and responsibilities are now being championed on a national level with role descriptors and appropriate CPD having been mapped out across the industry.

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Did you know?

Following the unveiling of new ‘Inspire to Engage’ literature at the NTE, the marketing department have invested significant time this week ensuring this range of materials are available on the online shop. We’ve already started to work on a new range of merchandise too...

#NTE15 presentations available on the BMS

Missed some vital information from the NTE? We’re pleased to confirm the presentations from each session are now available to access via the resources section on the BMS.

Click the ‘Resources’ tab on the BMS and go to the ‘Skills & Training’ section down the left hand side menu.

If you require any further assistance, please email Skills & Compliance Administrator, Mel Jackson.

Did you know?

Skills and Compliance have now made the 2015 Training Programme available for you to view in the Resources section under ‘Skills and Training’. You can download the programme which will allow you to plan your staff’s CPD effectively for the WHOLE year.’

‘Inspire to Engage’ literature now available on the online shop

he marketing department are pleased to announce a wide range of the new ‘Inspire to Engage’ literature is now available to order via the online shop. To purchase the materials, simply go to the collection section named ‘Inspire to Engage’ or simply use the search tool bar to find the product that you are looking for.

The products that we have available on the shop are...

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Did you know?

During the #NTE15, our finance department processed £318k worth of your payments to your businesses. During last year’s #NTE14 we processed £0. This is due to reducing ‘waste’ and creating better processes which enable us to DO MORE, FOR LESS AND PROVIDE A BETTER SERVICE WHILST WE DO THAT!

Book your social media training course NOW – only 30 spaces available

At the #NTE15 Marketing Director, Luke Miles unveiled details for the new social media training course that we’re running in conjunction with The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

You can now purchase the training course via the online shop. There is ONLY 30 spaces available for the first training course and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The CIM’s RRP for this course is £500+ VAT but we are very pleased to offer you the course and initial set up for just £360+VAT.

Read More for further details on the course.

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Did you know?

This week, GM Director Karl Fox has spent a whole day with ukactive developing a strategic plan on behalf of licensee to target local authorities at local and national level.

Franchisee boasts 97% of his schools assessed by ofsted scored ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ – do you know your percentage?

Following last week’s NTE, a huge thanks goes to franchisee Daniel Harris for submitting 35 school OFSTED results. This means, latest statistic shows 86% of the 96 assessments carried out in Premier Sport partner schools are ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

The problem we have now though is that we cannot CELEBRATE your hard work with all stakeholders as we are still waiting for ALL franchisees to submit ALL their school results. Otherwise we could be accused of presenting false data / information.

Please use this OFSTED data capture spreadsheet and submit to [email protected].

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Did you know?

Frankie Worthington spent 10 hours this week at Trinity College, London discussing and developing a potential degree course as part of PPA’s Activity Professional training pathway. Ensuring staff can continue to grow and develop in the company.

ukactive work plan agreed

Premier Education Group this week agreed their annual work plan with ukactive and the Vanguard Group. Group Director Luke Miles, finalised the details of the PEG work plan with ukactive’s Public Affairs Director Stephen Wilson at their London HQ.

We invest £15,000 per year in being a member of the Vanguard Group, which comprises of leading public and private organisations within health, sport and physical activity sectors. And as part of our membership we receive a bespoke work plan and ongoing support aligned to our central and local business objectives.

Some key areas of this year’s work plan are...

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Do you have a clear strategy for The Golden Mile? STRUCTURE your success NOW and invest in the ‘Directors Support Menu’

Golden Mile licensees are realising the importance of strategic planning & structure to ensure they are not only maximising the potential of their license but how they can reduce waste in doing so.

As a result, we’re seeing an increasing number of licensees investing in the ‘Director Support Menu’ to ensure ALL staff are trained & aware of the initiative to support, monitor & maximise the benefits to their business & customers.

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Offer extended following #NTE15 - invest in a PPA license & SAVE £9,990

It was a pleasure chatting to so many existing licensees at last week’s #NTE15 following the launch of the new Drama product. I was very proud to hear the level of success you are all experiencing across the PPA network and to hear your excitement and plans for the new Drama product.

It was also great speaking to so many franchisees that are looking at investing in Premier Performing Arts. You were all aware of the special 3 for the price of 1 offer which includes Dance, Drama and Music, we had running until the last day of the NTE. Following our conversations, I’ve decided to extend this deadline until Friday 27 February to give you more time to undergo due diligence and the feasibility of investing in a license.

Unfortunately, if you feel now is not the time to invest, you will miss out of this great offer of saving £9,990.  All you need to do is contact me by 5pm on Friday 27th February.

I look forward to welcoming you to the new Music product over the coming months.

Frankie Worthington, Creative Director, Premier Performing Arts.

IMPORTANT - Do you know your numbers?

From feedback at this year’s #NTE15, only 25% of the network produced financial information on a regular basis. This means a whopping 75% of you won’t know if you are running at profit, how much money you have outstanding, next month’s expected cash balance, ratios etc...

Having up to date financial information will allow you to make more informed decisions quicker. Over the two days we talked a lot about WASTE. Analysing your information is often the easiest way to indentify waste quickly.

If you are among the 75%, please contact our finance department who are always available to assist in any financial matter.

Introducing our newest franchisee, Alla Bennett...

We’re very excited to welcome Alla Bennett to the Premier Sport network this month as she launches her franchise in Guildford.

Alla lives in Aldershot with husband Jeff and can’t wait to build a successful sport and physical activity business. Alla has a whole host of competences and experience which will enable her to build her Premier business. She has an MBA in Marketing and numerous years working within the commercial marketing sector with both start-up businesses and large multinational organisations.

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Do you know the ultimate marketing strategy? Watch this short video to find out...

You must check out this very powerful YouTube video from Business Mentor, James Ashford.

In this short video, James tells you the ultimate marketing strategy for your business and it couldn’t be more relevant following Yvonne Gandy’s closing session at the #NTE15.


Check out insurance partners, Perkins Slade’s blog – common claims and reducing risk

Our insurance partners at Perkins Slade have taken a proactive stance by releasing sports insurance blogs. Their latest one, link below, highlights common claims and how you can minimise the risk of them happening.

Remember, any incident involving a child or member of staff requiring medical assistance should be documented on an incident report form, shared with HQ, your insurer and the school were applicable.

Missed a previous newsletter? Check out our archive...

We thought you would find it useful to create a Weekly News Update archive housing previous newsletters from this academic year.

‘Read more’ to catch up on any news you may have missed.

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