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Friday 20th March 2015


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across the Premier Education Group.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

Having problems accessing the ‘Annual Quality & Impact review’ email template?

Good news - we’ve already seen a number of your schools complete our 2015 Quality & Impact review survey. A massive thanks to YOU for forwarding the email template that we provided to your Head Teachers.

We’ve been informed that some of you are having problems accessing the letter template. To rectify this problem, we have created the email template in a web article which you should have no problem accessing:


This email template is also available on the BMS Resources section under ‘Delivery’. The resource is called ‘Email Template Requesting Quality & Impact Review’  

For more information, please see last week’s New Update article.

Did you know?

This week, the Marketing team spent 6 hours designing four new Premier Sport and Inspire to Engage ‘must have’ literature/merchandise packages, especially for YOU. We’ve also slashed up to 10% OFF the RRP, meaning you get all these great materials for even less money! (Full article to follow next week).

The Golden Mile’s eLearning module – LIVE!

We are pleased to announce that the Golden Mile eLearning module has now been completed and has been made live on our eLearning platform. We are giving one FREE training place to every licensee, (normal price £120), the training should be completed by whoever is responsible for the Golden Mile within your business.

Every licensee must enrol one participant to complete the training and they will need to achieve a pass rate of 80% and have two weeks from enrolment to do so. To enrol a participant on the training module, please email Mel Jackson.

Please note - they must be fully compliant on the BMS to gain authorisation.

Did you know?

The Golden Mile Director, Karl Fox spent six hours this week on the new ‘Physical Activity’ brand currently being developed, building on and incorporating the successes of The Golden Mile initiative. This is exciting news and we’ll let you know more soon!

The Golden Mile continues to break down York’s defences!

In September 2014, Franchise Manager Shane Wright from the York and Harrogate territory, eventually infiltrated York’s defences, thanks to the Golden Mile Community Investment Strategy. This followed two years of trying but getting the same results due to their biggest competitor being active in the majority of the primary schools. The breakthrough came via a meeting with York City Council after Shane made contact.

Following this new relationship, 12 schools signed up to The Golden Mile in phase one, with eight of the schools having had no previous contact from Premier Sport. Since then, four school funded events have been running in schools that also use their biggest competitor. Previously these wouldn't even have let Premier Sport through the door.

Shane commented “We are now in a much stronger position to pitch for the curricular contracts in September. Without The Golden Mile this would not have been possible”

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Did you know?

Just after Christmas, the Finance department circulated a letter to YOU, your schools and councils detailing our preferred payments method. The aim was getting more payments by BACS which in turn means that YOU get paid quicker! Since then, BACS payments have increase by 16% which is good but we want to improve it. If you haven’t yet spoken to you school, please do so.

FEEDBACK - National Training Event 2015 survey

We would very much appreciate your feedback following the National Training Event.

This very short, anonymous survey will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete and will help us measure the success of #NTE15 and identify areas where we can improve for #NTE16.

Complete our survey

Did you know?

Premier Performing Arts have invested in the NDTA membership for a second year running on YOUR behalf. One of the benefits is YOU can access a whole host of resources and information via their website (see article for more info).

Danny’s #NTE15 advice ‘Set An Agenda For Every Meeting’ backed by industry expert

Head Office receives a monthly newsletter from partners, Future Finance, who provides a range of finance related services in the franchising sector. In this month’s edition they include an article written by Berkeley Harris of Sandler Training and appropriately titled:

‘Set An Agenda For Every Meeting’.

Once you read the article, you’ll think, “I’ve heard this advice before”, and you’d be right! This advice reinforces Danny Bloomfield’s brilliant ’sales’ presentation at the National Training Event a few weeks back.

The article is well worth a read; just click ‘Read more’.

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Did you know?

Our Activity Professional network has grown by nearly 1/3 since January 2014, demonstrating our attractive employment opportunities for people across the UK. Our next challenge is to increase retention rates – more information about the Premier passport coming soon. In the meantime, visit YOUR 2015 training programme for lots of CPD opportunities in your area!

IMPORTANT BMS INFO – are your attendance percentages showing incorrectly on the Schools Portal? Here’s how you fix this...

Your attendance data is pulled through from the BMS and is calculated as a percentage based on the minimum / maximum number of children per Act Pro. This percentage is then presented on the Schools Portal.

Are your attendance percentages displaying incorrectly on the Schools Portal? Here’s how you fix the problem....

If an Act Pro is added to a course on the BMS, ONLY THEN can you increase the maximum number of children allowed to attend the course. The correct percentage will then be displayed on the Schools Portal.

Did you know?

More great news from Premier Performing Arts – The number of extracurricular courses you are running has increased by 60% this term, compared to last term – Well done guys!

Calling all PPA licensees – we’ve gained you access to NDTA resources

Premier Performing Arts have recently renewed the organisational membership with the National Dance Teacher Association (NDTA) so that all of YOU can access the resources, online publications, newsletters and advice section on their website.

You can find out more about the membership and benefits here: http://ndta.org.uk/register.php

Complete the National Sun Awareness survey for Outdoor Activity Leaders #morethansport

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is the first sun protection initiative for those who work outdoors with children. Launched in 2014, it is now supported by over 80 National Governing Bodies and outdoor organisations including Premier Sport. This year the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund (the charity behind the initiative) is launching a national survey to investigate the current provision of sun protection for children in the UK.

Survey takes less than one minute!

Premier Sport is supporting the initiative, so we’re urging you to take part. It will take under a minute to complete and is completely anonymous, so please ensure your responses reflect your current practice. The survey link expires on the 6th April. Click HERE to start.

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Olympic gold medallist urges more competitive sport in schools

Olympic gold medallist Duncan Goodhew MBE will urge primary schools across the UK to encourage more competitive school sport at a primary school sports event in Maidstone. The football and basketball tournament at Brunswick House Primary School in Maidstone on Tuesday 24th March 2015 will be hotly contested by 60 children from the host school and seven other local primary schools across Maidstone.

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Missed a previous newsletter? Check out our archive...

We thought you would find it useful to create a Weekly News Update archive housing previous newsletters from this academic year.

‘Read more’ to catch up on any news you may have missed.

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