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Friday 29th May 2015


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across Premier Education Group.

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Ben Pattenden’s team demonstrates outstanding customer service

Since the 100 club day, franchisee Ben Pattenden has provided his Senior Activity Professionals with an Inspire to Engage course checklist.

They then have to submit a video via whatsapp before 8:30am on the first day of each course. The video needs to contain all items on the checklist. This allows Ben to ‘inspect’ what they ‘expect’.

Feedback is then given on any improvements that need to be made before the course opens.

Please view the two videos submitted this week. Please note, one Senior Activity Professional has split this into two videos.

Did you know?

We had 5.4 million visits on our activities in term one and two. This equates to 11.5% more young people gaining access to high quality PE, sport and physical activity against the same period last year.

Adam Kempton’s holiday course has the ‘WOW’ factor – does yours?

Danny Melling visited one of his holiday courses today and was left feeling massively underwhelmed but, on the other hand, franchisee Adam Kempton’s holiday course has the ‘WOW’ factor.

Danny comments: “There were 30-odd kids on my course, which was great, but the look and feel was terrible. A few A4 posters from the Inspire to Engage range randomly put up on walls, there were a line of cones / markers leading to the doorway but they had all been kicked around and the rubbish hadn’t been swept up. The registration desk was bland with no tuck-shop or merchandise displayed and there were a few ‘boot room’ branded posters on the wall. It certainly wasn’t ‘WOW’”.

In contrast, Franchisee Adam Kempton has gone above and beyond for his customers. He’s hired a vintage coffee van for £50 per day to give free drinks to parent’s as well as ensuring they all receive his summer course leaflets. If Adam gets four bookings as a result, it covers the cost of the van for the day.

He’s factored the costs into his marketing budget and it is certain to ‘WOW’ his customers!

Are you going ‘over and beyond’ for your customers? If so, it would be great to share photos/videos demonstrating your ‘WOW’ factors.

Did you know?

Our new Marketing Executive, Jasmine has created and launched 15 ‘official’ Facebook pages on behalf of business owners that completed the recent CIM social media online and face-to-face training. This means the brand exposure national and locally is set to reach record levels. Are you missing out?

Assessments just keep rising

We are pleased to announce that, from August 2014 to now, we have already carried out more assessments on Activity Professionals than the whole of the previous year August 2013 - September 2014.

To date, 1084 assessments have been scheduled or carried out across the network. As we enter the half way stage of the summer term, Activity Professionals should now be receiving their 3rd assessment of the year. These are great opportunities to monitor staff improvement and performance, making CPD recommendations ready for the new school year.

If you have stories of Activity Professionals demonstrating improvement throughout this year, why not share them with our marketing department for the Activity Professionals News Update to inspire their peers.

Did you know?

The Skills & Compliance team are in consultation with our legal team this week, discussing how changes to non exclusivity clauses in zero hour contracts could affect our network. We’ll update you ASAP.

Andrew Joinson responds following PPA Product Orientation Day at HQ

Did you know?

The Premier Performing Arts network has already grown by 61% this academic year against last year and we still have three months to go! This demonstrates the positive impact existing licensees are having on potential new licensees.

Cost based mark up pricing

As this is the time of year that you will be setting your prices for September, we have put together this video and worksheet to support you to charge appropriately.

Correct pricing for your products is absolutely key to running a successful business, therefore, we have provided the minimum product prices for you to use as a baseline, including the minimum recommended mark ups for each product.

Have a go and implement these prices into your business. Remember how important your staff are to your business too and ensure you are paying them an appropriate rate for the work they are doing. If this means you need to increase your prices due to a more demanding industry, then so be it.

You can justify this to your customers (providing you are offering a high quality provision).

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Did you know?

There are two similarities between the success stories recently submitted by Golden Mile licensees. 1) All have been invited to multiple cluster meetings within their territory which has averaged potential access to 35 new schools in 1.5 hours of work. 2) All licensees have a Physical Activity Coordinator in post.

Advance warning of a power cut at HQ

Next Wednesday 3rd June, PEG Training Academy will be without power due to an upgrade of high voltage equipment in the area. As a result of this, the building will not be manned and ALL phone calls will be fielded to our database, which will be picked up and actioned the following day.

This is a situation which is out of our control.

Apologies in advance, for any inconvenience caused.

Did you know?

This month we have received 4,000 payments through our payment gateway (Sage Pay). We have just successfully completed our quarterly compliance check which ensures we continue to accept payment from the various card schemes.

Golden Mile supporting licensees with new & existing customers alike

The Golden Mile’s multi-facetted approach is playing its part in growing licensees businesses as well as retaining it! We’ve heard some fantastic success stories recently and indeed the importance of the structure surrounding them. Another excellent example of all of the above is from licensee Elliot Anderson.

Golden Mile Director, Karl Fox commented: “Elliot has implemented the correct structure with a Physical Activity Coordinator in post and has started to see the benefits, not only from a new business perspective but securing his existing business with some extraordinary results”.

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Did you know?

If you have a question or comment about the products/services on the new Irongate platform, you can contact [email protected]

PPA vlog part two – Stuart Hancock on gaining new sales

Coming soon -

  • Part three - Bethan Bradshaw on the Premier Showdown and its benefits
  • Part four – Kirsty Bentley on how to promote and run holiday courses

Launch your official Facebook and Twitter accounts – book CIM training now...

We now have 18 businesses across the network launch their official Facebook pages following the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) online modules and face-to-face training at HQ. Their Twitter accounts will also launch next week.

The next training course is now available to book via the online shop. But first, hit ‘The process’ button below to find out what is required before being able to connect with your local stakeholders.

The process Book Now

PEG franchisee, Dan Harris urges you to book onto the next course  - “If you haven’t got social media as part of your marketing strategy, I would strongly advise you to book onto the next course. Yes, the initial outlay sounds a lot but when I compared it to the amount we spend on leaflets, AP time delivering leaflets and assemblies, I soon realised we spent more than this each term for a low ROI.

I can now engage with my audience daily, receive feedback, promote new products instantly and add free value to our audience on a daily basis. I can now leverage my audience to promote and share the good work we do in our area”.

Please check your BMS – any questions contact Bev...

Is the information held on the BMS for your company and its Directors correct?

We currently hold two sets of addresses for Directors on the BMS. Your company’s Registered Office address must match those details held at Companies House and the Director’s address/es should be the operating address, i.e. where post and packages should be delivered to.

If you need to make a change to any address on the system, simply email [email protected] who will amend the details on your behalf.

Wednesday 9th September is National Fitness Day!

September 9th is National Fitness Day and this year ukactive – the leading not-for-profit health body for the physical activity sector – are excited to work with schools to help make it the most active day of the year.

Thousands of people up and down the country will be taking part in National Fitness Day. From schools and colleges to offices and gyms, there will be lots of activities taking place.

National Fitness day is about getting children of all ages to engage with physical activity in a positive way, helping build strong relationship with exercise and habits that will set them up to be an healthy adult.

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The new online shop is LIVE!

We’re delighted to announce the new Irongate platform is live. Please copy/paste the following URL and this will open up the portal at the login page.


Simply enter your unique username and password to gain access to the array of marketing collateral.

Your Unique User Name is: your email address

Your password is: preedu

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We thought you would find it useful to create a Weekly News Update archive housing previous newsletters from this academic year.

‘Read more’ to catch up on any news you may have missed.

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