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Every child deserves a good start in life...

...and with Premier’s Play-Trition programmes, we’re giving them the best.

Our Play-Trition activities don’t just get children moving – they provide them with a foundation for leading a healthy lifestyle. We want to teach them all about making good food choices, how what we eat affects our wellbeing, ways to improve our physical health and how to take care of our bodies. We want to teach them how to eat well, drink well, move well and sleep well.

Nearly a quarter of reception children today are overweight or obese!

With Play-Trition, our Activity Professionals aim to support children understand the choices they make to set them up for a brighter future. Plus, with engaging activities and characters, they’ll have fun along the way.

Take a look at our programmes:

Let’s work together...

...to make sure the little ones in our lives get the chance they deserve - for an introductory meeting to learn how Play-Trition can help improve outcomes for children.

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