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Friday 19th April 2013

weekly news update


It was great to meet so many of you last week at the National Training Event.  I found the two days very beneficial and helped with my understanding of how Premier Sport remains ahead of the game delivering sport coaching in the UK. The event also confirmed to me that the Inspire programme will enable us to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and continue to lead from the front.

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Adopt a Growth Mindset

One of the many positive phrases used at the event and stood out for me was - adopt a “Growth Mindset”.  I am sure that there are many of you who have passionate and competent coaches working for you who have the capacity and drive to run their own Premier Sport franchise.  An effective way for you to expand your existing business is to purchase an additional franchise territory by going into partnership with your coach to operate the new franchise. It's worth noting that we have a number of successful franchisees who had the foresight and growth mindset to expand via this method and are now reaping the rewards.

Whether you wish to expand by this method or simply employ a head coach to operate the additional territory, I would be pleased to discuss with you as part of your growth plans what territories are available in your part of the UK.  There has never been a better time to expand.

Referral scheme reminder

As you can imagine we have seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries about the Premier Sport franchise opportunity over the last month, on the back of the funding announcement which is great news. In addition to these external enquiries I want to ensure that we continue to receive enquiries from referrals as this route has proved to be very successful in the past.

Did you know that there is a £1500 payment awaiting you for simply referring someone to become a Premier Sport franchisee?

We would be delighted to pay this thank you payment once the interested person has completed the recruitment process and launched their franchise.

I am sure if you take a few minutes, you will think of someone who would make a great franchisee.  You can either give me a call or pass on my contact details.

Talent follows talent...

As I have previously mentioned we continue to attract high calibre individuals keen to find out more about the Premier Sport franchisee opportunity.  I thought it would be interesting to provide a brief selection of the different types of people who have expressed an interest and are currently in the recruitment pipeline.

I am speaking with a number of secondary school PE teachers who are despondent about the ever increasing number of overweight and unfit or uncoordinated children arriving at their school. After a number of years in their role they now have the drive to make a difference by running their own business.

Over the last few weeks I have met with sport specific coaches whether basketball, football and fitness training who want to take their business to the next level and can see the value of the support infrastructure on offer at Premier Sport.

Senior sales or business professionals who have had enough of corporate life and want to build a business on the back of their passion for sport can see that premier Sport offers them a scalable business opportunity.

And finally, I have seen an increase in people from the Armed forces who are approaching the time when they leave the service and Premier Sport allows them to start a business combining their active drive and stability for their family.

Get up in your helicopter!

A key and vital part of the franchise recruitment process is the business planning stage whereby the interested party compiles a business plan with the help of Franchise Finance and us to ensure that they know exactly how they are going to build their business and in return we will know how to support them to achieve success.

I found the QA session James Jennison delivered with a panel of franchisees at last week's training event was very interesting (and amusing at times!) and underlined the importance of having a business plan.  In addition, the conversations relayed the importance of not working “in” your business but “on” your business.

Or put it this way, being able to get up in your helicopter! To allow yourself the ability to look down on your business to see how you can add value, demonstrating a Growth Mindset.

Thank you again to those I met last week and for those who have expressed a desire to expand their business. I look forward to working with you to achieve your growth plan.

And finally...

As you may be aware I am passionate about franchising and proud to be elected regional chair for the BFA South West regional forum for the last two years.  Please find below some facts and figures about franchising taken from the NatWest/BFA Franchise Survey 2012:

  • Industry annual turnover: £13.4 billion
  • Number of franchisor brands operating in the UK: 929
  • Number of franchisee outlets: 40,100
  • Number of people employed in franchising: 594,000
  • Percentage of units profitable (including new businesses): 91%

This has grown from an industry that 20 years ago had a turnover of just over £5 billion, had 379 different brands and represented 18,300 franchisee outlets.  Franchising continues to grow in the face of a challenging economic climate.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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