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Friday 14th June 2013

weekly news update


...to this week's franchisee newsletter, following on from the Operations edition last week. This week features the latest instalment from Franchise Recruitment Manager, Phil Gaffer.

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They can’t wait to get going...

For the first time ever and on the back of increased demand, Premier Sport delivered a mini Induction course for new starter franchisees this week.  The purpose of the two day event is to provide the new franchisees with valuable information and sales knowledge to allow them to meet and converse with schools to maximise this period before the summer break. By attending the course the new starters are ideally placed to get off to a flying start in September.  The remainder of the induction course will take place in August and September.

To give you an idea of the breadth of talent within the new starters, I thought I would provide a brief background of those attending.  We have two secondary school teachers, a sales director, an accountant, ex professional international rugby player, basketball coach, an architect and finally but by no means least a Premier Sport coach who now wants to run his own franchise.

My thanks go to James Jennison and the Head Office team for their support with delivering the course.

A fast start with The Golden Mile

As you are well aware we ask every new start franchisee to complete a business plan as part of the recruitment process.

This process culminates in them presenting their business plan at a director interview prior to be given the green light to join the network. An integral part of the business plan is purchasing the licence to operate The Golden Mile.

By using The Golden Mile as part of their marketing strategy the new starters can see the advantage of The Golden Mile as leverage and as a differentiator when talking not only to one school but more importantly to a cluster of schools via School Sports Partnerships.

Karl Fox is certainly not complaining that he will be kept busy over the coming months supporting the new starters and presenting The Golden Mile on their behalf. The new starters recognise the value and true potential of The Golden Mile as we can now demonstrate by way of testimonials and case studies how other franchisees have achieved a fast start using The Golden Mile.

The trickle effect...

I am delighted to announce that this month, after a great deal of research and investment will see the launch of our trickle email response process. I guess you are asking yourself what it is, so let me explain...

Franchise recruitment has changed completely over the last 15 years. As with everything else the internet has changed the way people investigate and purchase a franchise.  Traditionally, if you were interested in a franchise you would pick up the phone and request an information pack and one would be posted to you after you spoke to someone like me. As you can imagine the franchisor felt they were in control of the process and what information was presented. The process has now changed by 180 degrees due to the internet and people wanting to feel in control and be able to research fully before deciding to make contact.


And finally...

Don’t forget, I want to give you £1500!  If you recommend someone and they are successfully recruited and join Premier Sport you get £1500 – it’s as easy as that!

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