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Friday 12th July 2013

weekly news update


...to this week's franchisee newsletter, following on from the Operations edition last week. This week features the latest instalment from Franchise Recruitment Manager, Phil Gaffer.

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Phil Gaffer - Franchise Recruitment Manager
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Creating a fast start

As you may recall last month we held out first mini induction course at Head Office for new starter franchisees in readiness of their launch in September.

This was the first time we have brought forward modules from the main induction course to allow the new starters the opportunity to engage with schools prior to their official launch in September. The course was a fantastic success with James Jennison managing to squeeze in tons of information and practical tips on creating sales through The Inspire Programme. The role play session was entertaining as ever with some interesting characters being played out as head teachers!

The feedback from attendees was positive and although there was a great deal of information to take in, everyone felt that that the two days were invaluable. In addition, the course provided a great opportunity for the group to meet fellow starter franchisees and share experiences and form new friendships.

There was no rest for the attendees following the course, as shortly after the course had ended diary dates were confirmed and meetings with schools were booked. I am delighted to announce that there have been many positive outcomes to the initial meetings, with many HPA days being booked for the new term. Having now spoken with a number of new starters they are now confidently looking at recruitment of coaches and specifically exploring apprenticeships as a cost effective staffing solution.

The overall objective of the mini induction course was to offer the opportunity for new starters to get in front of head teachers before the end of term and to populate their diary for September. It is fair to say that this objective has well and truly been achieved.

My thanks go to James and the head office team for their support.

Looking forward to Christmas!

It seems crazy to be thinking about Christmas whilst it is baking hot outside, but I am already planning for Christmas. No not festive woolly jumpers or turkey but the next franchise induction course. With time running run out for new starters to attend the September course, I am already speaking with people about a New Year start. We are anticipating a busy September induction course and I am currently supporting prospects as they approach the final stages of the recruitment process. With the franchisee recruitment process taking 2-3 months to complete, plus if prospects have notice periods to complete before they can join Premier Sport, the New Year is therefore not that far off.

As I described last month we have a vast array of talented people joining Premier Sport in September and you may have spoken to them as part of their due diligence and thank you if you have. It is only now as we approach the end of the year that I can look back and count up the number of people who have made contact with Premier Sport interested in the franchise opportunity. You will be pleased to know that we are and continue to be fussy about who we recruit. It takes over 100 people making contact to award a single franchise.

Building upon success

I am excited about the coming year in terms of recruitment and our ability to continue to attract high calibre individuals to the network. My confidence is based on the great business success stories within the network, the ever growing opportunities in our marketplace and our ever developing brand.

We are currently finalising the recruitment plan for next year and we will continue to focus on those arenas which have been successful to date. In addition we are looking to engage proactively with people who are not necessarily thinking about running a franchise.

A part of the recruitment plan will be awarding franchises to people who are already operating in the network either as an existing franchisee or a coach. I know that there are a number of franchisees who wish to expand their business next year by purchasing another franchise territory. I have also spoken with franchisees who wish to purchase a territory with one of their coaches or the coach has now gained enough experience and knowledge to operate a franchise on their own.

Please don't hesitate to call me if you want to have a chat about your expansion plans on 07824 139594 or email [email protected]

And finally...

I had the pleasure of giving £1500 to a franchisee this month.

Don't forget, I want to give you £1500!  If you recommend someone and they are successfully recruited and join Premier Sport you get £1500 – it's as easy as that!

[email protected] or call 07824 139594

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