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Friday 1st November 2013

weekly news update


...to this week's franchisee newsletter, following on from the Skills & Compliance edition last week. This week features the latest instalment from Franchise Recruitment Manager, Phil Gaffer.

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Thank you for your support

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have given up your time to chat with potential franchisees over recent weeks. I realise you are busy running your businesses, however the feedback I have received from the prospect franchisees is complimentary as the time they spend either over the phone or over a pot of coffee is invaluable as part of their due diligence. It certainly makes my life a lot easier if I can say "speak with this franchise owner and hear it from them directly on how they are building a successful business". It is worth adding that your 'warts and all' version adds reality and creditability.

Thanks in advance for your continued support.

Open and transparent = talented franchisees

The role you play in the recruitment process is a vital aspect but it is just one part of the overall recruitment process. I think it would be beneficial just to remind you what a new starter franchise owner has to undertake before joining Premier Sport.

There six stages to our recruitment process and they are:

Lead enquiry

We are receiving a healthy number of lead enquiries each month from a variety of sources. Every enquiry receives an initial email with a link through to our franchise prospectus. Over the next 30 days they will also receive a number of emails detailing the opportunity in bite size chunks.


We use software enabling a prospect to have has access to my diary and request a time for me to call them at a time to suit them.  As you can imagine talking about a new career whilst they are at work can be a bit tricky!

Discovery Day

After we have had a chat and we both feel it would be beneficial to explore the opportunity further than I would invite them along to a discovery day. Our discovery days take place at Manchester, Birmingham and London. This is where I present the proposition in a open and two way format.


After the discovery day and following further conversations, the prospect is asked to pay a £1500 deposit which gives them access to Premier Sport to allow them to complete their due diligence. But most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to assess the prospect. It is at this stage where the potential franchisee speaks with existing franchisees. They are also asked to complete a business plan as this will form the road map of how they are going to grow their business.

Director Interview

The potential franchisee will present their business plan at a Director Interview at Head Office. I think this is vital and healthy that Premier Sport evaluates each prospect and not just me. This is where the prospect has the opportunity to explain a little about themselves, what they have found out and how they are going to make a success of the business. Plus they have the chance to visit Head Office and meet the support team.


It is only after the prospect have completed the recruitment process and Premier Sport has formally confirmed that we would be delighted to invite them to join the network that there is the final confirmation by signing the franchise agreement and paying the fee.

By being open and transparent and having a recruitment process we can continue to recruit high calibre individuals to the network.  As I have said before we make no apologies for being fussy and to prove this fact, last year it took 120 franchise enquiries to launch one franchise.

Network meetings

The latest round of network meetings are currently taking place throughout the country.  I had the pleasure of meeting the champions a few weeks ago to provide an overview of the recruitment process and introduce a collection of exciting recruitment developments which included:

The launch of our new franchise packages:

Premier, Access and Business Builder franchise packages. This development is unique in the marketplace whereby we can combine Golden Mile and Premier Performing Arts with Premier Sport, which cements us as the only choice for a coaching franchise.

Opportunity to expand:

Following continued interest we have formalised the incentive package for you to purchase an additional franchise territory at a discounted price. Because now is the time to expand your business.

Referral programme:

We want to support you and thank you for a referral.

It is worth noting that I have had a number of franchisees who have already expressed an interest in expanding their business by acquiring an additional territory. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give me a call to discuss in confidence this plus any of the above new developments. I look forward to hearing from you.

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