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Friday 29th November 2013

weekly news update


...to this week's franchisee newsletter, following on from the Skills & Compliance edition last week. This week features the latest instalment from Franchise Recruitment Manager, Phil Gaffer.

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New year, new start

Our second mini induction course took place this week in Derby for new starter franchisees looking to launch in the New Year. We are all delighted with the high calibre individuals who are embarking on an exciting new career with Premier Sport. To give you a feel for their backgrounds, here is a selection from the people who attended the course. We have a guy who for 20 years has worked for the Foreign Office undertaking roles across the globe. Another chap has successfully owned and run hotels and Pubs, we also have a lady who has been instrumental in growing a national network of fitness camps who is itching to get going. Whatever the career background, one common element which is present throughout is their passion to get children active through sport. The two day course focused on Product Orientation and sales.  The feedback I have received has been very positive with the time spent helping to bring their business plan to life. They all left with a spring in their step looking forward to launching their business.  My thanks go to James who as ever delivered an informative and enlightening course.

I look forward to providing a full introduction to each one of our new starters in the New Year.

A Franchise package to suit all

An important stage of the recruitment process as I explained in last month's newsletter is the Discovery Day. This is where people who have an interest in Premier Sport are invited to this event to introduce them to the Premier Sport franchise opportunity. Whether I meet with an individual or present to a group it is important that all the information is presented so that the individual has enough information to make an informed decision whether is right for them and also importantly are they right for us.   We constantly evaluate the information, format and the content to ensure that the proposition is presented correctly. This month saw enhancements to the presentation and the franchise package. Premier Sport is now introduced as part of the Premier Education Group alongside Golden Mile and Premier Performing Arts.

With the launch of Premier Performing Arts we are now in the fantastic position of introducing three franchise packages for potential franchise to decide which one best suits their desires and ambitions.

The exciting new franchise packages are:

Sport Package – The existing and successful Premier Sport franchise opportunity.

Premier Package – Opportunity to combine Premier Sport Franchise with the Golden Mile licence.

Business Builder Package – The ultimate package, combining Premier Sport franchise, the Golden Mile licence and Premier Performing Arts licence.

The launch of the new packages confirms our status as the most innovative and dynamic coaching opportunity in the marketplace.

Take 42 and action!

As you are well aware we now live in a world of multimedia and this translates to how we present the franchise opportunity to potential franchisees. This is why the franchise champions were asked whilst they were at head office this month to stand in front of a camera and share their experiences and challenges of successfully running a Premier Sport franchise. In addition to the Champions Frankie Worthington, Andy Heald and David Batch had their opportunity to explain their role and where they fit in to the continued success of the network.

The interviews will be used at the Discovery Day and in email correspondence with prospect franchisees. I was assured from the Champions that of course they nailed it in one take!

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