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Premier Sport works closely with thousands of schools across the country to enrich curriculum PE lessons, deliver fun and engaging extra curricular sessions and more importantly to inspire children to live a healthy life.

Did you know...?

The least fit child, in a class of 30 tested in 1998, would be amongst the five fittest children in a class of 30 tested today!

This generation is the least active in history! Yet we know that physically fit children don’t just make for happy children - they make for happy classrooms as well.

With the help of dynamic physical activities like fencing, your children will return to their lessons alert and attentive, ready to face the school day. That’s why we would like to offer you a FREE fencing taster session!

Come see why fencing is one of Premier’s most popular offerings, we are British Fencing’s official delivery partner of fencing in primary education after all...

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