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This just in - signing up new schools with Premier just got a whole lot more interesting.

It’s no secret that Premier love to get people moving. But now, we’re inspiring a little healthy competition of our own. From January to July, we’re giving away prizes to the franchisee that can sign up the most new schools to Premier programmes in a two month period, plus a huge grand prize to the overall winner with the most schools total. Think of it as a friendly kickstart with huge rewards.

Here’s how it works:

We’re splitting up the January to July period into three sections. Whoever signs up the most schools between January-February, March-April and May-June gets a prize of their own. The number resets itself in February, April and June, so even if you didn’t win one period, you’ve still got a shot at the next. Then, whoever signs up the most schools across the entire period wins the big grand prize.

Speaking of prizes, here’s a little taste of what you could win:

3 x New Balance Pro Packs

£500 worth of Virgin Experience Vouchers for you and your team!

10 x TIME Appointments

The franchisee who signs up the most schools throughout the whole competition will win...

A team building day of your choice up to the value of £1,000!

When we say ‘new school’, we mean a school that isn’t already classified as an ‘active school’ in our BMS, or that was once a Premier school in the past and has since decided to renew their relationship with our programmes.

We already know Premier brings high-quality sport, performing arts and wellbeing programmes to kids across the UK, but now it’s time to show the schools not yet familiar with what we do just what they’re missing. In the meantime, you’ll win some incredible prizes that could help your franchise excel and aid us in meeting our ambitious goal of signing up 1,000 new schools this academic year.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start Educating and Activating the World!

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