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Designed to make your life easier...

By using Premier, you are already ticking the boxes of many Sport Premium requirements - but are you making full use of Premier’s services?

Our ‘Data Dashboard’ School Portal has been designed specifically for you! It’ll enable you to easily;

  • Track pupil outcomes
  • Track overall performance

A highly informative and manageable system, it’s a fundamental method for you to use, it helps you evidence your sport premium impact, and it’s all FREE with Premier provision!

Based around our CARED model, it allows the analysis of pupil performance and attainment. Completed by our trained activity professionals, there is no additional work for you - yet you’ll receive bespoke feedback about your classes and pupils. Including termly reports on progress and attainment for each pupil.

This tool will help support your school in justifying your Sport Premium funding spend, it identifies the need, helps implement interventions and measures progress and impact.

Access your School Portal now, simply contact your local Premier provider and they can set up your access in a matter of minutes. Alternatively contact us...

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