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Game changer... we’re raising the bar to support YOU achieve Gold

After the fantastic news that the school sport premium will be DOUBLED from September 2017 we want to give you all the support we can to secure new business and expand your existing relationships. And this news couldn’t come at a better time as we enter the start of our central two year business cycle. Our new business plan has some very clear objectives and top of the list is to increase the number of active sites by over 50% in the next two years. Ambitious YES, achievable YES and we believe all our business owners can go beyond this target to all become Gold sealed £1million businesses.

How are we going to do it? Quite simply, we’re investing even more back into the business including over £700,000 into central marketing & sales support for franchised territories over the next two years. We aim to generate over 1,500 leads for franchisees to convert into new business. There has never been a more exciting time to engage with schools, especially with the latest news and we’ve continued to develop our product portfolio and brands to ensure you remain the go-to provider for schools and parents.

Now is the time to INVEST! With the news of additional funding being available from September 2017 your competition will be looking to move in to more schools and you need to execute the first mover advantage so you don’t get left behind. YST and AfPE will also try to lobby and influence schools in how they spend their money, so you need cement your position in the fabric of existing and new schools NOW.

To get the ball rolling and to ensure we hit the ground running for September, we will be extending the match funding offer for school lead generation in association with Time Associates.

Over the past 12months we’ve been working more collaboratively with Time and our new franchisees, accelerating their growth quicker than ever before. And we intend to extend that support to all franchisees who want to grow and take their business to the next level.

All franchisees who order five or more appointments by 31st August will have their appointments match funded by ourselves centrally. This is our first commitment to you and, by you also committing to this, it is shows collectively we are all dedicated to achieving the same goal.

This is just the START! There are exciting times ahead and we’re very much looking forward to joining you along for the ride...

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