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Friday 16th December 2016


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across Premier Education Group.

For more information on any of the articles featured below or for any general enquires, please email [email protected]

Do you know what your staff ACTUALLY want?

Take a look at the Top 10 Things Employees Want – are you providing these to your staff?

The top 3 on this list are easy to implement with the recommended PEG structure and by implementing clear KPIs for each job role. The best bit is not that it doesn’t cost you ANYTHING but that it also will generate you MORE income!

What gets measured gets done and what gets rewarded gets done again!

Recognise and motivate your staff and they will soon be making more money for your company!

Holiday camp booster meetings are flying!

As you know, over the last couple of weeks, franchisees have been booking in booster meetings with our creative director, Frankie Worthington to re energise a new lease of life into their holiday camps; these meetings include strategies and tactics to increase the amount of holiday course venues and increase the amount of participants attending the course.

We thought we would share some of the great feedback she's been getting and if you haven’t already done so, GET ONE BOOKED IN YOURSELF!!

Have a listen to what Dan Gyles has to say in the video below...

Cash Flow Template

Our final video is all about managing and planning your cash flow. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in a situation where you lack the cash to pay your bills/staff. Over the past two days we have given you simple business solutions that can help you manage the cash.

However, the key is planning for these shortfalls so you become aware of them as early and as accurately as possible. This is why we recommend you planning for a 60-day turnaround on sales and plan/manage the shortfall. Once that is done you shouldn’t be worrying every month because 1) the cash is likely to come in quicker than the 60 days and 2) if it doesn’t you’ve planned for the shortfall (as long as you bring in the forecast sales and don’t over spend of course)

Some of you won’t need additional funds to manage the shortfall but for those that do it’s important to have that facility in your business (you may never need it but it alleviates the worry). One of the easiest ways is to arrange for an overdraft facility at your bank. This allows you to borrow money up to a pre-set limit any time you need it. Since it’s far easier to borrow when you don’t need it, arranging an overdraft before you are short is important.

Click here to download the Cashflow Spreadsheet.

Brand New Website - Make Sport Your Business...

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes on a brand new website for Make Sport Your Business, and we are very excited to share it with you! The new website hosts a whole range of new features and content, including;

  • Live chat
  • Individual franchisee case studies with videos
  • Blog
  • Brand new pages and content
  • & much more!

Each day this week we have shared a new case study with you, including Danny Bloomfield’s...

Ex Footballer and Premier Franchisee, Danny Bloomfield:

“I love the freedom to plan my day so I never miss my children’s school run or sports day“

Watch the full video below and find out why Danny’s Premier is More Than Sport...

Have you uploaded your holiday/extra-curricular courses for the next 9 months?

Do you realise the benefits of having your courses uploaded and visible on the BMS? Premier’s customer solution team are currently inundated with customers wanting to book their child/children on to the next extra-curricular event or holiday course because ‘they had such fun on the last course’, but they can’t!

Would you want to miss out on a customer just because you haven’t uploaded the course?

Please ensure that all of your Holiday and Extra-curricular courses are uploaded on to the BMS by COP Friday 16th December for the next 9 months... Frankie and the team will be watching you and random checks will be done... (don’t get put on Santa’s Naughty List)

‘Tis The Season To Be Active...

Over the coming months, many of you will be braving the winter conditions to deliver activities and lessons to young people. When activities are delivered in cold and wet conditions, they must be planned and delivered effectively so as to ensure children can continue to make progress without being switched off due to being too cold or wet to move, think and learn!

Author and our National Quality Development Manager Andy Heald explains...

Ex-Army Officer Shares his Premier Experience...

As we have already mentioned, we’ve launched a brand new Make Sport Your Business website - packed full of Premier experiences! If you enjoyed viewing Danny Bloomfield’s #MoreThanSport video, you’ll love this one too...

Ex Army Officer and Premier Franchisee, Stuart Bartles-Smith:

“It’s great to have the ability to target children who are disengaged and have the flexibility to run a business centred around my family”

Steve Harvey takes massive action!

Following the Going 4 Gold Growth Mindset days, Steve has taken massive action in his business by not only taking on a new Performing Arts license, but by adding £13k to his business for a January start using only PA, meaning he’s already in profit before even starting... WOW!!!

By speaking to his existing schools, he has set up extra-curricular activities and PA curricular delivery for the full school year, that’s without all the new schools that he's not even active in!

From all in Operations at Premier HQ, we would like to congratulate Steve on this huge achievement and look forward to working with him in the future.

If you have a good news story where you have taken massive action in your business since the G4G training days, drop Frankie an email at [email protected]

Are you building a legacy?

Our third video in our series of Make Sport Your Business case studies comes from one half of the Shirley brothers, Nick. Find out what it’s like working alongside a sibling, and how the Shirley’s are building a legacy and inspiring the next generation...

Premier Franchisee, Nick Shirley:

“My franchise at Premier enhances the next generation. I’m building a legacy which has got far more value than just the financial rewards we enjoy”

Brand New Shop and Literature...

Thanks to all of the franchisees who took part in our literature survey last week - your feedback is vital for the literature review we are currently conducting. Our findings have shown the main barrier of the marketing literature provided is the pricing which is why we will be moving away from the Irongate platform in the new year. Whilst the current platform provides functionality that the network requested, the cost for this functionality makes it prohibitive...

Click here to read more

Are You Filling Your Sales Funnel?

As only 47 franchisees within the network are using TIME Associates to book sales appointments I thought it important to check that the rest of the network are making their own appointments!

Click here to read more

Running a Premier Business is a Dream Come True...

Our 4th Premier Franchisee case study focuses on former Activity Professional, Elliot Anderson. Find out how Premier supported Elliot in making his sporting dreams a reality...

Ex Sports Coach and Premier Franchisee, Elliot Anderson:

“Sport is something which I enjoy and am passionate about, so running a Premier business is a dream come true.

From starting as an Activity Professional to now running two Premier franchises, the whole support from the network has been key to my success today. The best part of my role is to have full control of your day and not having to do the same 9-5 Monday to Friday. Plus having an impact on other people, helping staff to progress with their careers."

Watch the full video below and find out why Elliot's Premier is More Than Sport...

Social Media Course - Book Now

We’re running our next official Social Media CIM Training Course on 25th January 2017. Places are already filling up fast so advanced booking is encouraged!

We now have 70% of the network running official social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

If you’re among the 30%, you need to book onto the course ASAP. The question is, why wouldn’t you want to promote your business to customers in your area?

Completion of this course is a requirement for launching your social media platforms.

We have limited spaces on the upcoming course which consists of 15 online training modules followed by one face-to-face training day on Wednesday 25th January 2017 at Premier HQ.

Book Now

Combining Motherhood with my Passion for Sport...

Our 5th and final Franchisee case study comes from Premier Franchisee, Raakhee Morrison. Find out more on how Raakhee manages her business and motherhood...

Mother and Premier Franchisee, Raakhee Morrison:

“I get to combine my passions in life: my family and my love for sport, and seeing children active”

Watch the full video below and find out why Raakhee’s Premier is More Than Sport...

Christmas Shutdown at Head Office

Opening Hours - Premier Education Group Head Office will be closed from Thursday 22nd December 2016 and will return to work on Tueday 3rd January 2017.

Missed a previous newsletter? Check out our archive...

We thought you would find it useful to create a Weekly News Update archive housing previous newsletters from this academic year.

‘Read more’ to catch up on any news you may have missed.

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