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Friday 1st May 2015


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across Premier Education Group.

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Make it your mission to film a Head Teacher endorsing your work, just like this franchisee has...

This is one of many very simple but powerful ways to communicate the impact you’re having in schools...without actually saying a word...

Here’s how...

Step 1 - Ask a Head Teacher you have a good relationship with, to spare just two minutes to go on camera and tell other neighbouring Head Teachers about your great work. A good question to ask might be; “Please tell us about the impact of Premier Sport/Premier Performing Art/The Golden Mile in your school?”

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Did you know?

The 1st4sport ‘combined qualification’ breaks down to £125 per Level 2. Fantastic value compared to our competitors.

What is the value on your time?

Franchisee James Jennison and his team have now secured 18 meetings since the 100 Club Celebration Day; 11 of these with new schools or schools previously worked in. James has the potential to up-sell to the remaining seven schools.

Area Coordinator Paul Baker from Wigan and Leigh, talks about his ‘WOW’ moment during a ‘new’ school meeting last week...

We’ve also heard from 100 Club member, Ian Gray this week after confirming a new £7200 contract.

So, in just three meetings, James, Ian and Paul have generated sales worth a combined £27,200!

What is the value on your time?

Did you know?

Since last week’s article on the outstanding holiday camp revenue, over 65% has been claimed. However, that means over £20k is still outstanding. Are you owed money?

Your schools have budgeted for it, have you? It’s contract renewal time...

Have you planned and budgeted for your increased costs from next year?

If not, now is the time you must do so, before you sign contract renewals. Schools are likely to have budgeted for it and expect a minimal rise year on year.

A 3% increase now will be better and easier for you to manage than nothing this year and then 6% next year!

What costs are likely to go up for you?

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Did you know?

71% of 100 Club members own a Premier Performing Arts license. 100 Club member, Peter Bennett takes 20% profit from his license for less than 5% of his time. Can you find a performing arts specialist to invest in a license with you?

Duncan “Good-for-You”, and good for business!

Duncan Goodhew MBE provided an enormous boost to Gary Scroby’s territory on 23 April by visiting four schools in Ash and Aldershot in just one day.

Two of the schools visited are Gary’s biggest clients and the four together represent 50% of his turnover. The visit should help cement renewal contracts for 2015/16, and importantly has opened other avenues for incremental growth. Active Surrey have expressed an interest in making one of the schools a showcase study to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Golden Mile, and the Director of the School Partnership in North Hampshire has asked for a proposal on rolling out the Golden Mile to the 30 primary schools in his cluster.

Gary commented:

“I would like to thank Head Office for investing in Duncan’s time, on my behalf. The impact that the ambassador visit will have on my business (Premier Sport & The Golden Mile) will be massive. It’s certainly strengthened my existing relationships and is already opening doors to new schools within my territory. Thanks again for the support!”

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Did you know?

Following our announcement at this year’s NTE, the Marketing department are pleased to confirm phase one of changeover to the new Irongate platform will happen w/c 11th May. Don’t forget, this does not affect ordering sports qualifications, ID badges and training courses from the online shop. This process remains the same in the short term.

Be outstanding in everything you do!

Ask yourself, “are my staff, my business and I, outstanding in everything we do?”

... If not, then you won’t be delivering an OUTSTANDING service. Your customers will compare you with anyone they wish to compare you with and not just another activity or coaching provider.

A school will compare you to the Music Teacher or even the post man! If you walk into a school making no eye contact or not communicating with the office staff, soon followed in by the post man who smiles and stops for a chat - the school will compare you with him/her!

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Did you know?

To date, The Golden Mile has invested over £5000 in developing the Base Line Measurement tool for licensees. This powerful USP will continue to receive significant investment due to the impact that the data capture is having for licensees.

Act Pro’s feedback on this week’s Combined Qualification...

As a 1st4sport Accredited Centre, this week we have been delivering the ‘Combined Qualification’ comprising of;

  • Level 2 Award in Multi-Skills Development in Sports (QCF)
  • Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Learning in Physical Education and School Sport (QCF) and
  • Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Preparations for Coaching Sport (QCF)

Designed and developed exclusively for Premier Education Group in association with 1st4sport, this combined qualification merges all of the fundamental qualifications into one. At an exclusive cost of only £385 per learner, this course (view upcoming courses in the ‘read more’ section’) offers both an efficient and cost effective way of gaining a first-rate, fit for purpose, industry qualification.

We caught up with Activity Professionals Sam Harrison, Lucy Harper and Josh Webb to gain their feedback following the course at PEG HQ this week. To view the video, just click the image on the left.

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Did you know?

As a result of our social media messaging over the past seven days, we had 128.5k page impressions (combined number of potential users that saw content associated with PEG), 15 new followers on twitter and 50 new page likes on Facebook. This social reach was mainly a result of the Darren Campbell ambassador visit and associated content.

Termly management accounts – submit yours by 31st May

As you are all aware, your accounts for the period 1st January to 30th April 2015 are due by 31st May. Please ensure you are/have been proactive in passing your financial information to your accountant in order to achieve this.

This was a key process from our NTE event; we have invested in some resource to be able to provide detailed network analysis from your submissions.

Accounts Template

The Golden Mile proves to be more powerful than this franchisee ever imagined...

This particular franchisee’s story started out with the simple understanding that if the business was going to invest in the Golden Mile it had to have the correct structure around it to fulfil its desired potential.

The key part of this structure was to create a Physical Activity (PA) Coordinator role, a position that would ensure the franchise was CONSISTENTLY selling, not only to new schools but to its existing customer base via the Base Line Measurement data capture.

Due to its success, this original role has organically evolved with the PA Coordinator, meaning management of the entire sales process, from start to finish, is now a daily requirement five days a week.

Click on the picture to view Danny Boswell talking about the benefits this has had on his franchise but also the positive impact it has had on his role...

Party Manifesto Briefing – how it affects our sector...

It seems increasingly likely that no party will win the election outright. However, this week marked a crucial landmark in the election campaign and an opportunity for lobbyists and advocacy groups to see the cut-through that they have had over the past five years. So how does the activity sector stack up?

Click here to read the Party Manifesto Briefing produced by ukactive.

NatWest - Everywoman Awards: 2015 Round Open

The NatWest Everywoman Awards are open to any female business owner whether they operate as a limited company, sole trader or in partnership with others.

The awards reward not only businesswomen who have achieved significant success, but also women who have overcome adversities such as financial constraints, social disadvantages or skills gaps.

The 2015 categories are as follows...

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Missed a previous newsletter? Check out our archive...

We thought you would find it useful to create a Weekly News Update archive housing previous newsletters from this academic year.

‘Read more’ to catch up on any news you may have missed.

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