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Friday 2nd October 2015


...to your weekly news update, featuring articles from across Premier Education Group.

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Don’t miss out; there’s new business to be had...

Since the start of the school year, our partners Time Associates have racked up an impressive 103 appointments on behalf of franchisees. If all these meetings lead to business, that’s a staggering £618,000 worth of business for the network (based on avg. school value).

If you’re not yet using Time Associates to support your sales, and want more info, then please get in touch. The competition will be contacting school even if you’re not...

September stats...

  • 3650 calls since term began
  • 103 appointments
  • Average of 33 calls to each school

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Our Core Values...

#1: Be happy, have fun and give joy

Communications Plan - ‘Incredibly useful,’ says franchisee...

It’s great to hear from franchisees that are now using the central Communications Plan to integrate into their own.

Norfolk franchisee, Danny Boswell said: “I have just printed off your comms plan that was shared via last week’s newsletter. This is incredibly useful. Thank you!”

In line with the Communications Plan, we’ve already distributed 125,316 email communications to your stakeholders in the past two weeks. These include, parents, Activity Professionals and  active schools.

We’ll now be communicating to your inactive schools too.

Please note, this e-shot is still subject to change.

Our Core Values...

#2: Create wonderfully enjoyable experiences

Exclusive to 100 Club Members – expand your wealth without any capital outlay!

Did you know? All 100 Club members enjoy a 50% discount on purchasing an additional franchise territory. So, if you’re in our prestigious club, why not team up with an external applicant (someone you knew or a mate), and invest £0 (zero). Too good to be true?

Here’s how it works –

  • Platinum Package - £19,950
  • Price after applying your 100 Club members’ discount - £9,975
  • 100 Club member gains 50/50 share holding of new territory.
  • External applicant invests - £9,975 plus working capital
  • 100 club member invests – zero (50% discount)

Here’s the value added part for both parties...

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Our Core Values...

#3: Deliver “wow” with every interaction

Franchisees raving about Social Media Course – only 2 places left...

Connect now - we now only have three places left on the upcoming course that will be held at Premier Education Group Training Academy on Monday 25th January 2016.

Following January’s training, we’ll have over 50% of the network using official Facebook and Twitter accounts, connecting with their local stakeholders daily.

Previous delegates have said:

“I attended the social media course with Daniel Rowles on Monday at HQ. I really enjoyed the course and can see how we can use it within our franchise to generate more sales and improved communication with our customers.”Franchisee, Ian Draycott

“I thought the social media course was really good, Daniel was a really good tutor, so friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable!” Lauren Carpenter

“I thought Daniel was an excellent trainer and the course was pretty much perfect for all our needs.” Franchisee, Tim Mason

Here’s 10 reasons why you have to be social!

The process Book Now

Our Core Values...

#4: Commit to continual improvement

Former Commando set to illuminate Blackpool’s next generation...

Premier Sport is delighted to welcome Gareth Owen who launches his Blackpool territory this month. The former Royal Marine Commando joins six new starters to Premier Education Group following completion of our  rigorous induction process.

Gareth lives in Southport with his wife Kay their two teenage daughters. It is all change this month in the Owen household, as one daughter begins her degree course at Sheffield University and Gareth embarks on a new career with Premier.

Prior to Gareth’s 20 plus year career in senior sales management roles, Gareth was a Commando with the Royal Marines seeing military action across the world. Gareth is modest when describing his time as a Commando, he does acknowledge though that the extreme experiences combined with the team ethos, discipline and drive required, helped him build a successful career.

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Our Core Values...

#5: Build a positive team and family spirit

BMS TUTORIAL - how to invoice curricular courses

The Skills & Compliance and Finance teams have created a number of ‘how to’ demo videos helping you navigate your way around the BMS.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve shared with you video tutorials on -

  • Give your Activity Professionals access to the BMS.
  • ‘Administrator Privileges’ video.
  • How to access your online bookings...

This week we’d like to highlight the video tutorial ‘how to invoice curricular courses.’

Remember, you can access all 19 video tutorials via the BMS Resources section under ‘BMS Training’.

Our Core Values...

#6: Be adventurous, creative and open-minded

Interested in £10,000 worth of holiday activities?

Another way to support your customers is to apply for Awards4All funding on behalf of schools in less affluent areas. The simple process is detailed here.

In the past 6 months, franchisees have secured a total of £40,000 worth of funding, just by taking the time to follow this simple process. We’ll even write the bid on your school’s behalf, for up to £10,000 worth of holiday activities. Can this work for you in your area?

Six bids and counting for Exeter franchisee, Alex Ford:

“We are approaching the completion of our sixth Awards For All (AWA) funding bid, and the impact these have provided both on our schools and our business has been fantastic.”

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Our Core Values...

#7: Nurture strong relationships through excellent communication

Catch up on Danny’s Operations GoToMeeting – all about holiday courses...

Although we’re only a few weeks into the academic year, we must all have one eye on setting up holiday courses for next summer (and each half term in between) to ensure we are maximising income / profit and providing your valued staff with work.

Did you tune in to Monday’s Operations GoToMeeting with Danny Melling which was all about your holiday courses? Don’t worry if you didn’t; you can watch the 45 minute discussion between Danny and a number of franchisees by clicking ‘Catch Up’.

Catch Up

Our Core Values...

#8: Work smarter not harder

£half million generated from funded holiday courses – are you cashing in?

In the last year, the network received £half million from funded holiday courses, that’s an increase of 35% on the previous year!

How are franchisees doing this?

They’re using our fantastic ‘Inspire to Engage’ holiday programme to approach their partner schools about Match Funding holiday courses. For example - If one of your partner schools funded 24 places per day at £15, you would generate £360 (plus vat). You would then Match Fund a further 24 places at a value of £15 (£360 in total). The expense to you would be delivery costs for three Activity professionals’ (Act Pro), circa £165, leaving you with a profit of around 45% whilst also offering a fantastic service and value.

Here are some questions to ponder...

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Our Core Values...

#9: Remain above the line at all times

No.3 - Deliver “wow” with every interaction - treat your customers...

More good news! We have new exclusive merchandise on your shop that includes Cadbury chocolates and biscuit tins that can be personalised to include Headteacher/PE Coordinator names.

It’s the little things that will ‘deliver wow’ to your customers.... who wouldn’t like a personalised biscuit tin for Christmas?

Our Core Values...

#10: Be outstanding and passionate in everything we do

School Games 2014/15 Report

The School Games were established in 2011 and are a competition over four levels for school children aged 5 to under 19. The School Games are designed to build on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and enable every school and child to participate in competitive sport, including opportunities for disabled youngsters.

This statistical release presents the cost per participant of the School Games. More specifically, it derives the average public sector cost per eligible student at schools participating in the School Games for the 2014/15 academic year. This measure was initially developed as an input indicator to measure the performance of the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS).

This release looks at schools participating in the School Games, the number of students at these schools as well as the public sector finances allocated to the School Games.


Demonstrating Core Value No. 9 - Remain above the line at all times...

No wise words of advice from Glenn Hoy of TIME Associates this week, but he would like to highlight what he feels is a superb example of a ‘can do’ attitude.

“We have not always found it that easy to get appointments for Danny Melling in his area, no real reasons why, but nevertheless, a challenge for us and him. Knowing that he’s right behind the work we are doing, he’s very supportive and motivational for my team.”

Danny transferred our Core Value no.9 into a simple email which is having great impact on Glenn’s team. It went like this: “I don’t mind if you get me an appointment with the school goldfish, I’m up selling straight to the head!!! BOOM.”

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Scheduled GoToMeetings...

Danny Melling – ‘Sales’ GoToMeeting, Monday 10am

Monday’s ‘Operations Business Development’ GoToMeeting will be discussing ‘Sales’ from 10am-11am, Monday.

If you want to add any points to the meeting agenda, please email these over to Operations Director, Danny Melling before Monday’s session.

Login details –

  1. To join the meeting, go to - https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/250214829
  2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.
    Dial +44 (0) 20 3713 5010
    Access Code: 250-214-829
    Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
    Meeting ID: 250-214-829

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