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Education Excellence Everywhere

Written by Yvonne Gandy, Education Strategic Lead, Premier Education Group

‘Every child and young person can access high quality provision, achieving to the best of his or her ability, regardless of location and prior attainment of background’

The Government’s White Paper, Education Excellence Everywhere, strategy overview (March 2016) and the intention to make all schools Academies by 2020 is causing concern.

Threats to strike over the push towards academisation are being backed by unions as this goes to press – however, I would like to use the key elements, taken from the White Paper, as a framework to highlight key points raised in the paper. Let’s also take time to reflect on Physical Education and Sport (PESS) and the use of external providers in schools and academies...

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Get your PESS provision off to the best possible start...

To give you the best possible start to the school year, Premier Education Group are offering you our ‘Audit Wheel’ as a free resource! This can be used by leadership teams to analyse their current PESS provision and support subject leaders as part of their improvement plan whilst also creating new and exciting opportunities for all your pupils.

We use this, along with the feedback from our national school review survey, as a checklist to ensure we are delivering the best possible opportunities for every child that we work with.

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Annual Quality and Impact Review of Schools

Wow! 94% of schools said ‘Good or Excellent’ when asked them to rate if our Premier Education Group sessions and activities delivered meets the needs of the range of pupils they work with.

We would like to thank the schools that have taken part. Their input has helped us to shape our support and ‘improvement plan’ to ensure we can deliver the best possible provision to the children of their school. We are only able to contact the schools who left us their details so any school who completed the survey but didn’t leave contact details can contact us to book in a call with our quality development managers.

Download PDF

Children’s Inactivity Study

At the beginning of the month, Premier Sport published new research alarmingly revealing that only 10% of children are doing physical activity every day, with 60% of parents worried about obesity levels in their children.

According to the research, 85% of parents think their children would benefit from more education around fitness - check this handy infographic and view the stats for yourself...

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Introducing Premier Transition

Here at Premier Transition we aim to inspire healthy changes that positively impact children, parents, teachers and the wider community.

Our bespoke fitness sessions test and motivate, allowing for different levels of success while providing an increased sense of achievement and satisfaction. Our beliefs are an important part of Premier Transition, and part of those beliefs are that children should not only learn and develop their health and well-being, but they should also have fun and enjoy themselves in the process...

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A golden time for The Golden Mile...

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