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Your Termly Newsletter...

Welcome to your very special first edition of our termly newsletter. We’ve got SO much exciting stuff to share with you, including the launch of our new brand and company vision!

Meet the new-look Premier family...

After months of research and hard work behind the scenes, we’re delighted to introduce you to the new Premier family:

Find out more - check out our brand new video...

Look out for the new Premier marketing material!

We have been busy creating all of our new marketing materials, and as a gift to you, you will soon receive a copy of our new schools brochure in the post. This brochure outlines all of our programmes that can help educate and activate your pupils.

You will also see our new extracurricular leaflets, banners and more. We’d love your feedback on our new look too, so feel free to email [email protected] with the subject line “Brand Feedback – School” and we look forwarding to hearing from you!

Extracurricular bookings just got a whole lot easier...

We’ve just made some amazing improvements to the way parents can book their children onto your school funded extracurricular lessons - the changes to our online booking system are going to make your life so much easier...

When you fund an extracurricular club at your school the following process can now happen;

  • Parents go online as normal to find the club on our website, and book their child onto the course
  • As parents get to the usual payment stage, a box will appear to inform them they must pay the school office directly
  • A course register is formulated as each child books on
  • The school receive an email for their records to say which child has booked on
  • Parents receive a booking reference number and bring the money, along with this reference, to school before the course starts
  • The school administrator can log onto your area of our school portal to cross reference the payments against the pupils registered for the course, and chase those who haven’t made payment yet

This is going to make your extracurricular clubs much easier to manage and organise, and the best bit... if the course has already started there will still be the option for parents to book their children onto the course and pay the remaining balance to you as above.

We hope you enjoy the new improvements – if you have any questions about online bookings, please email [email protected].

The results are in - our CQI survey says...!

You may remember at the end of the last academic year we distributed our annual CQI survey for schools to complete, which helps us guide our national strategy for the forthcoming year to ensure we are achieving what you need us to.

Take a look at the results for yourself - we thank you for the support you have given us. Despite these great results, there are always areas for improvement and we will be working hard to achieve even better results next year.

Have you seen the extended school hours report?

In general, external providers are chosen by schools with a view to add value as well as establish long-term relationships. It has been noted that the advantages of working with external organisations include:

  • The ability to access specific expertise that is not present within staff and could not be accessed within the community
  • Accessing targeted provision for specific pupil groups
  • The development of pathways into local clubs which could be continued beyond school life and even into adulthood

We are extremely proud that our provision has met and exceeded expectations of schools, evidenced by the feedback received during our CQI process.

Premier are proud to upskill your workforce, provide greater opportunities for your pupils and provide you with access to fantastic partnerships we have with the likes of British Fencing...

It’s an exciting time to be part of Premier.

Nominate a Premier Activity Professional for ‘Coach of the Year’

In November, UK Coaching will be hosting their annual UK Coaching Awards. The awards are a brilliant opportunity to celebrate and recognise those coaches that help and inspire young children to achieve their goals.

We are looking for nominations for ‘Children’s Coach of the Year’. Our Activity Professionals deliver Sport, Arts and Wellbeing activities all over the country and we are asking for nominations of those that go the extra mile.

If you know a Premier Activity Professional that has:

  • Inspired and motivated the pupils in your school
  • Impacted personal development of those in their lessons
  • Improved health and wellbeing and educational attainment
  • Shown innovation in their lessons – Perhaps through the use of digital technology or creative themes and programmes
  • Displayed their own development through the course of their relationship with your school – Have you noticed a marked improvement in their ability?

If you know someone who deserves to be celebrated for their hard work, dedication and commitment to both your pupils and your school, then please nominate them.

Click the button below to nominate. Please include as much information as possible around the bullet points above. This will allow us to build a strong case study for UK Coaching to consider.

Nominate Now

Please complete by 20th September

What an achievement!

In the last academic year, The Golden Mile resulted in nearly a MILLION miles being completed through pupils walking, jogging or even running in the safety of the school gates! It’s staggering to think that such a simple initative can have a drastic impact on the health and wellbeing of pupils across the country.

Well done to EVERYONE who took part, and a massive congratulations to the following schools who have gone above and beyond to prioritise their pupils’ wellbeing through The Golden Mile.

Our Anti-Bullying Premier Arts E-Book is now available...

With the support and guidance of Premier Arts, let’s take an active approach to tackling bullying in your school, and see the positive impact it can have on your pupils.

Through safe and well thought out drama workshops, pupils can learn anti-bullying tactics, start meaningful discussions and develop greater empathy, which can be used as a powerful approach to combat bullying.

Make good use of our FREE VIP Admission Day Pass for a spectacular anti-bullying day at your school and enjoy learning more through our eBook.

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